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Cost Effective Reverse Camera System to High End Industrial Standard Camera


We have a wide range of reversing camera kit to choose from, we cater to everyone with a vehicle of any kind, size and style; and whether they are using their automobile for either personal or business trip

Indeed, our customers use our reversing cameras to ensure their safety on the road, view rear view while manipulating their vehicle. Undoubtedly, our wide range of wireless reversing cameras can potentially help you avoid inflicting harm on others, which may occur when your vision is impaired whilst reversing.  More so, when our wireless reversing camera turns on, it automatically operates when the car is put into reverse. This means you don’t need to push any buttons as you try to drive to guarantee your attention is concentrated on road safety while driving.

The best thing about buying a reversing camera monitor kit at Elinz, an online retail store in Australia that offers electronics products is that our device helps the user see both sides, as well as the back of his or her vehicle as he/she drives. Install one from our great range of rearview camera kits, and we can guarantee you total comfort and convenience in your every ride. With our camera set, you can also ensure safety not just of your vehicle, but of your driver and passengers, too.

These reversing camera systems is not just for personal vehicles, it has great used on businesses too like trucking, fleet management and all those large vehicles that you have. Get yours today.


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  • 12 months warranty