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Planning for a weekend getaway? Why not take the whole family on outdoor and camping adventures?  And when you do, be sure to take all the necessities you need to make the escapade more exciting. Visit the Elinz Store and check the items that are not yet in your checklist.  Consider adding one more flashlight in your must-bring list for worry-free activities at night.


Peaceful Sleep with the LED Rigid Light Bar Strips

Isn’t it exciting to sleep at the camp site especially when you’re with your loved ones? As you plan your sleepover, include the LED Rigid Light Bar Strips in your to-bring list. Putting these around the tent will give you a peaceful sleep as no harm can come near when everything’s bright around you. You’ll even spend a worry-free night as you can see everything at the site crystal clear as if it is daytime. You can even capture moments using  your sports action camera.

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