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Pure sine wave power inverters are great for mobility, anytime and anywhere. This revolutionary equipment enables you to convert DC power in car batteries into standard household AC power, allowing you to conveniently transform your vehicle into a mobile home or office.

With your pure sine wave power inverter, power up a wide range of electronics, including but not limited to laptops, home appliances, and many more. They’re perfect for trucks and larger vehicles, especially for use with caravan trailers.

Choose from 12V and 24V pure sine wave inverters for sale

  • We stock a wide range of products, ranging from 12V pure sine wave inverters to 24V pure sine wave inverters.
  • The largest range of products with all the power wattage required; no matter what your specifications are, we have you covered.
  • Manufactured using the highest industry standard: we take industry practices and standards seriously here at Elinz, so we utilise our attention to detail to ensure you always receive quality.
  • Compact yet durable, our products – whilst not taking up much space – are long-lasting and won’t let you down when you need it most.
  • Inverters bear the C-Tick Mark and comply with the electromagnetic compatibility requirements set by the ACMA.
  • We offer a one-year warranty on our inverters.
  • Australian Standard ISO9001.

Why buy your power inverters from us?

  • Free shipping Australia wide – We provide free shipping to customers no matter what the location when you purchase a power inverter or pure sine wave inverter for sale.
  • Earn loyalty reward points – When you shop with Elinz, you receive loyalty reward points that will let you obtain great products for less.
  • Amazing deals and discounts – We appreciate our customers at Elinz: when you shop with us we want to reward you by providing you with deals and discounts so that the next time you shop with us you can get another great product for an amazing price! Check out our range of Power Banks and Battery Chargers for some shocking deals.

What power inverters can do?

Everyone in the world uses an electronic gadget while inside a motor home/mobile home, their SUV or even their car. If you are among the owners of these gadgets, you will surely find the power inverter an essential must-have.

With this product you can get affordably at Elinz, you may listen to your favourite music via an MP3 player. This will also help you check the right directions with your GPS plugged into the inverter. The best thing about the power inverters is that you can charge and recharge any kind of electronic device here.

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We here at Elinz would love to hear from you to discuss our range of power inverters or reverse monitors. Please do not hesitate to drop us an email at sales@elinz.com.au or call us on 1300 881 773.


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Author: Jeffrey R.  

For those who require mobile power solutions without having to rely on big, bulky, and noisy power generators, 12v and 24v inverters provide a viable alternative. Inverters are smaller and more compact than power generators, which make them much easier to transport. What's more, they are noise-free and they don't require petrol to function and provide you with AC power, allowing you to utilise a wide range of electrical appliances and power tools on the go. How inverters work Inverters don't generate power on their own. Instead, they produce AC power by converting the DC electricity stored in a battery bank, like your car's batter for example. And instead of having a mechanical engine like a standard power generator, these electronic devices utilise high-speed electrical switches a... continue reading