About Us


Elinz is more than just a store. We are a perfect companion too, on the road and at home. Since we started operations in 2005, we, as an online retail store for electronics product have been offering quality products and outstanding services which are enough reasons why we have survived for almost a decade-and-a-half and continue to take the lead in the market. A registered Australian business with ABN 98 135 817 819, Elinz sources and buys electronics products in bulk from factories all over the world and directly sell them to our customers.

Our product range goes wider as we continue to offer new items such as security cameras, food vacuum sealers, and action cameras. These indeed, are all on top of our bestsellers like the reversing camera kits, car DVD players, LED light bars, driving lights, headrest DVD players, roof mount DVD players, inverters, and battery chargers.

Exceptional customer service is our priority and core value of our organisation. We hold all stock in Melbourne, and, as such, buying from us is faster and cheaper than purchasing similar items overseas. It is also because of our priority and core value why customers keep on returning to Elinz for repeat purchases. We offer 12 months warranty and for some products, we even offer up to 5 years warranty. All our prices include GST. Not only that, we offer 60 days money back guarantee to customers who wish to return the item for a reason.

Elinz is indeed, the best option for your car and home electronics needs. We don’t cease from improving our product quality by working together with the manufacturer in research and development.  We also encourage feedback and aim to deliver the best products in response to the requirements of our customers. Elinz has also expanded not just in products but also its reach through eBay, Catch, Amazon and MyDeal.

Since customers are on top of our priorities, we have extended our customer service. Elinz has a live chat to answer all queries from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7:30 pm then Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Your Perfect Companion On the Road