reversing camera & monitor with ultrasonic parking sensors


ultrasonic sensors installed on truck

4 Ultrasonic Sensors

  • The 4 Ultrasonic Parking Sensors has Double CPU and advanced chipset for enhanced coverage and detection.
  • The crystal clear heavy-duty camera provides better images and videos for safer and a more worry-free driving.
reversing camera monitor mounted on dashboard with caption "7 inches"

7 Inches HD Monitor

  • 7" HD Monitor featuring 2AV inputs and 800 x 480 Digital Screen guarantees crystal clear image and video.
  • It also shows the motion more flawlessly.


420 TVL vs 600 TVL comparison

600TVL CMOS Reversing Camera

  • 600TVL CMOS reversing camera that produces clear images whether it is day or night.
  • It features 18 infrared LED bulbs automatically alighting for maximum performance.
90 degree view angle on reversing camera

90° Wide View Angle

  • Its clear view in order to help prevent the occurrence of accidents and injuries.
  • The wide view angle of the camera allows you to park and drive conveniently


ultrasonic sensor box

Waterproof IP67

  • Durable 4 Ultrasonic Sensors
  • The main control box and sensor connectors are designed guaranteed waterproof
wiring diagram for reversing camera and ultrasonic sensors

Advanced 4PIN Cables

  • With advanced 4PIN cables allowing the monitor to power up your camera
  • Seamless video recording and picture capturing
  • You can even do a playback of what you just recorded no matter how long the video lasts


ultrasonic sensor sound and proximity diagram

Range Distance Alarm 0-2.5m

  • It features a range distance alarm of 0-2.5 metres.
  • The alarm buzzes louder the nearer you get to the possible accident
Reverse Camera Parking Line

Reversing Camera with Parking Line

  • Helps and guides you in parking or reversing your vehicle. A more convenient way to park safely


4 Ultrasonic Sensor Dimensions

Parking Sensor Dimensions

Reversing Monitor Dimensions

Monitor Dimensions and Labels


Elinz 7" Monitor Car CCD 4PIN Reversing Camera 90° 600TVL Ultrasonic Parking Sensors

Your protection and safety is very important for drivers, passengers and even pedestrians. With this new 7" High Definition TFT Colour LCD monitor with 600 TVL camera and 4 ultrasonic sensors.

An 800*480 digital screen and crystal clear image that is Sharper and brighter than a common LCD display. It refreshes more quickly than a regular LCD display and shows motion more smoothly.

The monitor with buzzer can help or guide you on the distance from 0.3m to 2.5m, built-in parking lines with different range distance alarm. Not just that it also has 4 Ultrasonic Sensors to be installed at the rear bumper of trucks, trailers, caravan or cars and works automatically when reversing. This system has Double CPU and advanced chipset for enhanced coverage and detection.

This has 600 TVL CCD heavy duty camera with providing better picture clarity, colour contrasting and sharpness. Camera has 18 Infrared LED that automatically lights for optimal performance during night and day to guarantee safe driving.

It will keep everyone safe in driving and will help drivers in parking and maneuvering at narrow terrains. Start installing this reversing camera monitor kit with parking sensors.



  • 7" 16:9 TFT colour LCD
    • Resolution: 800x480
    • 2 video inputs - Automatically switches to video 2 screen when reversing
    • One way audio input
    • Built-in speaker
    • Remote control, OSD menu
    • Contrast, colour, brightness adjustable
    • Can connect to DVD/MP4/camera etc
  • 90 degree wide angle viewing
    • Camera is equipped with a 90° viewing angle perfect for checking unseen blind spots in your vehicles mirrors when reversing, it uses all-glass material.
    • Backup camera for truck with IP68 design completely waterproof and shockproof
  • Increases safety
    • This truck reverse parking system helps to provide increased safety for truckers, pedestrians when reversing. The radar system can detect small children and low walls as well.
    • Not just for truckers but for all drivers out there
  • Compatible to both 12V-24V DC
    • Designed for cars, caravans, truck and trailers for additional safety and convenience.
  • Advanced 4PIN cable
    • Conveniently and securely install on trucks and trailers using 20M 4PIN cable to connect the monitor to the main control box. One cable solution deals with both power and signal transmission. No power cable is needed to connect camera
  • IP67 waterproof - Main control box and sensor connectors are waterproof
  • Superior quality materials
    • Made from superior quality materials to ensure durability and long life. The radar system is designed with protective circuits and high quality components to prevent the product from overheating or overloading
  • Reversing Camera with Parking Line
    • Helps and guides you in parking or reversing your vehicle. A more convenient way to park safely.


Monitor Specification

  • 7 inch TFT colour LCD
  • AV resolution: 800*480
  • 2 way video input : Automatically switch to V2 when reversing
  • Power supply: DC 12V-24V
  • OSD menu, remote control
  • System: PAL & NTSC auto-switching
  • OSD control brightness, contrast, saturation, volume, language
  • Built-in speaker
  • Battery Type for Remote Controller : CR2025

Reversing Camera Specification

  • 1/4 Sharp CCD image sensor (Made by Sharp company)
  • 90 degree wide angle viewing
  • Colour infrared night vision waterproof CCD reverse camera
  • Clear view day or night
  • Illumination : 0 Lux
  • Power: 12V-24V DC
  • Waterproof grade: IP68
  • 600 TVL CCD camera
  • 18 IR LED
  • Effective pixels: 768*494 NTSC
  • 20M advanced 4PIN cable

Parking Sensor Specification

  • Voltage: 9DCV-28DCV
  • Rated voltage: 12-24DCV
  • Power cost max: 1W
  • Response distance: 0.3m—2.5m
  • Alarm distance: 0m—2.5m
  • Display mode: LED display
  • Sensor diameter 22mm
  • Install mode: Drill
  • Sensor angle X,Y, 60℃
  • Work temperature -30℃---+80℃
  • Alarm type buzzer (Bi Bi…)
  • Alarm volume: 65dB
  • Range distance alarm
    • 1.6m~2.5m Mute
    • 1.0m~1.5m Bi------Bi------
    • 0.4m~0.9m Bi---Bi---Bi---
    • 0.1m~0.3m BiBiBiBiBi—



1. 7" TFT LCD monitor

2. User manual

3. Remote control

4. Heavy duty IR CCD camera

5. Power cords

6. 1x Main control box (Radar host)

7. 1x Hole saw

8. 4x Ultrasonic sensors with 2.5M line

9. 1x Buzzer

10. 1x 4PIN 5M cable

11. 1x 4PIN 10M cable

*Product on the video may differ from the actual product. Video is displayed to show the importance and use of the product.

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