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sports action camera

Premium Action Camera

Capture memories to last you a lifetime. With Elinz Action Cameras, don’t miss out on any moment with your friends and loved ones. 


Structured and designed for outdoor activities, our action cameras are perfect for camping, travelling, and high-intensity outdoor activities.


So whether you’re out on a 4x4 adventure, or you’re hiking or mountain climbing, or whether you’re swimming out in Australia’s many beautiful beaches, we are sure to have an action camera perfect for any kind of activity.


With image stabilization, image quality and high quality image processing on all of our action cameras, never miss out on any detail on camera. 


With compatibility to a wide range of electronic devices, footage our action cameras take can be viewed across a wide range of TVs, laptops and computers with no formatting needed.


Moments to cherish for a lifetime with Action Cam


Action cameras are perfect for capturing moments where there’s a lot of things happening- so when you’re out in the water, or when you’re hiking, they’re great equipment to bring along.


You can’t always bring a high-powered camera to certain activities or areas. You can’t submerge your DSLR in water now, can you? But if you want beautiful footage in a compact package without sacrificing your equipment, an action camera is the perfect item to use.