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Importance of Installing Dash Camera


Secure Yourself with a Dash Camera for Safety


Drive Safely Today With a Dash Cam


Safety is your #1 priority when you're driving and that doesn't end with not hitting anything out on the road. You need to be prepared to prevent a wide range of events on the road whenever you go out with family and friends. At Elinz, get the best dash cam Australia has to offer!


We have quick and easy delivery options across Australia, making us the best option for electronics purchases in the country.


Buy Dash Cams Online in Australia

When you're out on the road, you need to be prepared for everything to happen. You need to stay alert and cautious, and be prepared to prevent any misfortune when going on long drives. Your best companion on the road, besides your wits and your unwavering attention is a reliable dash cam, one that you can find here at Elinz Electronics.


Why Buy a Dash Camera?

Our range of dash cams for sale are designed for complete practicality and ease of use. All dash cameras are compatible with a wide range of laptops and PCs to allow quick review of dash cam footage, or to offload some important footage into a different storage device.


Loop recording also negates the need for large storage,as footage will simply overwrite itself when it runs out of space. However, you can use an SD card with a high memory capacity for our dash cams. In the event of an accident or an emergency, the dash cam will lock the video footage saving important clips for insurance claims, police reports where dash cam footage for video evidence is required.


Your Dashboard Camera is your perfect back-up for your security.

Drive with peace of mind anytime of the day with a dash cam. 

Our dash cams are not only very affordable, but they're easy to install and easy to use, adding an extra layer of safety when you're out driving.


Explore our Range of Dash Cams for Sale in Australia


Our range of dash cams offer full high definition. 1080p resolution and ultra-HD 2160p resolution, you definitely won't have any grainy footage when you're out driving. Crisp visuals are important for when you want to capture everything out on the road, such as car number plates, signboards and likenesses. This makes reviewing your footage in the future so much easier to do.


Anti-shake technology further allows for video footage to remain completely clear even over rough terrain. The addition of high-tech night vision also make our dash cams invaluable to any driver, and able to capture even at very low light.


If you're looking for reversing cameras to cover your car's blind spots when reversing, you can also get some from us here at Elinz. Get out of tight spots with ease! Some of our cameras in our range also offer dual reversing and front camera support in one kit, giving a total all-in-one solution.


With WiFi and GPS features, track and log your locations of your video footage and send it your mobile phone via WiFi for total cross-platform integration. With the parking mode feature, add another layer of security to your vehicle when it's parked.


Need Help With Dash Cams Online?


We're always here to help. Our experts are on the standby and are here to clarify any queries you might have, and especially for when you need help picking the best dash cam for your needs. With our fast Australia-wide delivery on all our dash cams for sale online, you'll have the camera you want in no time.


Add in a few items to your dash cam purchase such as LED driving lights, available in a wide range of shapes and wattages, keeping you roads well-lit no matter the weather or area.


Get yours at Elinz now!