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Author: John D   Date Posted: 8 April 2020  

Inverters are wonderful little pieces of tech. They’re built to convert much needed DC electricity into AC, making it usable for our appliances and gadgets. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 6 April 2020  

We’ve recently released new products, and today we take a look at these amazing new gear that you can get from the safety of your home. Secure your home with our brand new CCTV system, with enhanced DVR storage and functionality. This purchase includes the following items: ... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 3 April 2020  

Hi there! Today, we’ll be talking with three experts, one from the medical field and two from the automotive industry about staying safe while driving during this COVID-19 outbreak. ... continue reading

Author: Joh   Date Posted: 2 April 2020  

These days, there are some really wild myths and theories about the coronavirus and how to avoid it (and/or cure it!). Misinformation and myths are very dangerous these days as they can create a false sense of security which can ultimately cost lives. We've compiled some of the most common ones we've heard about to help you keep safe and help you practice what really helps to avoid COVID-19. There are plenty of other ways to avoid the coronavirus, such as washing your hands, sanitizing the surfaces in your home and most importantly, follow this quarantine to the letter and staying indoors. We hope everyone is staying safe and sound inside their homes, and if you have... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 1 April 2020  

Hey there! We know that it’s all doom and gloom on the news these days, so here’s a little something from us that hopefully, brightens your day a little bit: ... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 31 March 2020  

Hey there! As you've noticed, we've been blasting our blog and our social media pages with COVID-19 related content recently, urging everyone to stay safe and follow safe practices to curb the progress of this global pandemic. We'll go into some of the tools that you can get here at Elinz to help keep your home safe. And we cannot stress enough how important it is to take of yourself and your family; besides yourself, you're doing your part stopping the coronavirus by being very mindful of yourself, Less infected individuals means less work for our front liners in the healthcare industry; which means the people that need the attention of healthcare professionals are given better attention. Here's a quick graphic guide with the gear you can grab from here at Elinz, and how they can help protect your home: ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 30 March 2020  

These days, it’s incredibly important that we all stay indoors. This slows down the virus and makes sure that the virus dies out. If people are infected with COVID-19, a self-imposed quarantine keeps the virus in and prevents it from spreading further. ... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 27 March 2020  

Hey there! We know its been particularly hard the past couple days, with borders closing down and most of us going into quarantine due to the COVID-19. But we here at Elinz continue to be fully operational, while taking the right kind of precautions to ensure the your safety, as well as the wellbeing of our workers, both inside and outside the office. We've prepared and adjusted our operations to make sure that you're able to shop from the safety of your home without endangering our workforce. And even during these times, we still continue to answer Quora questions that might help provide some clarity in the time of the outbreak. Here are the best ones that we've come across this past couple of weeks: ... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 26 March 2020  

With the COVID-19 outbreak reaching a fever pitch and about to hit full swing in the coming days, we all need to be extra vigilant. Besides being carefu... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 25 March 2020  

To make sure that you have a record of your day to day driving, a dash cam is a necessary tool . They’re lightweight, compact, and most are easy to install- you can either install via your car cigarette lighter socket, or you can hardwire it. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 24 March 2020  

Recognizing the symptoms of the coronavirus is important to staying safe. This outbreak isn't likely to end anytime soon as numbers continue to rise all across the world, with Australia reaching 1,823 confirmed cases of the virus, we'd do well to recommend the symptoms and know when to completely isolate ourselves from other people. Note that these symptoms aren't meant to make everyone panic; recognition of these helps with quick intervention, and containment. We urge everyone to read and check these symptoms to protect yourself, your friends and family. If you do show these symptoms, don't panic- contact your healthcare provider immediately. Should they ask for you to isolat... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 23 March 2020  

Today, we stray a bit from our usual blog entries, and let’s talk about your safety during these trying times. Our customers, such as you, are the lifeblood of our industry, and we’d like for each and every one of you to stay safe. ... continue reading