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Author: John D   Date Posted: 28 June 2022  

Are you the type of person who is always on the go? A wanderlust, one who finds more peace and quiet in front of the wheels than the comfort of his own home. Imagine yourself just having the weekend you so much anticipated from a dreadful workweek. You are then driving your freshly car-washed HiLux, sipping your f... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 23 June 2022  

A wide array of shoppers are what makes a store alive and very interesting. From the quiet ones to the loud shoppers, retail stores are for sure deal with different types of shoppers everyday. Every customer has their own personality, and has their own way of being convinced. There is not a way to convert all your customers into having one mind. We tried to compile and list down different types of shoppers to help you understand. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 21 June 2022  

Are your eyes always tired from driving late at night? Are your driving lights too low that you can’t properly see the road ahead? It’s time to toss that driving light into the bin! For a safer and more comfortable driving experience, it’s best that you get yourself reliable and high-quality LED light bars that won’t strain your eyes, give you greater visibility without causing eye fatigue, brightens the terrain ahead, and one that is energy-efficient. Luckily for you, Elinz is having a 48-hour LED Light Bars SALE! Starting today until June 23, you can get a 5% off on your LED Light Bars purchase. ... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 16 June 2022  

Some days we just want to relax and unwind. Some days we just want to be alone with ourselves. Read a book all day long, watch movies until we can’t anymore, or maybe finish a video game we’ve long been stalling for. So the question is what consoles should I buy and what video games can I play with them? ... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 9 June 2022  

What's New? It's the SJCAM WiFi Action Camera! Elinz has got an all-new line of outdoor sports action cameras from the upcoming, leading brand SJCAM. What is a sports action camera? It is a digital camera that is designed for recording intensive actions while being immersed in it. The main features are usually: compact and easy carry, and waterproof at surface level. The SJCAM outdoor sports action cameras offer so much more than that!... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 31 May 2022  

Why should you get a DVR CCTV camera system? DVR stands for Digital Video Records. A DVR CCTV camera system allows you to record security footage that your CCTV security camera captures. This allows you to watch it back when you need to. A DVR system uses analog cameras. These analog cameras are unable to store, record, or process the video footage, so the raw or unprocessed video is fed through the coaxial cables to a DVR, which then processes the video. DVR security systems also provide high-quality videos, playbacks, and archives. ... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 26 May 2022  

For people who are always on the road, always on the go, and people who like staying outdoors for camping, power inverters would really be a huge help! Power inverters have the sine wave and the modified sine wave. Both types of sine waves have different capacities to make electronics work. Looking at the bigger picture, these power inverters are truly helpful for everyone even if you are not the outdoor type of person. In case there is a power shortage in your area, you can use this inverter to still power up devices from your house. Just plug the inverter in your car’s battery and start the car as usual. People who are living in remote areas can also benefit from power inverters like this one. ... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 24 May 2022  

The Elinz Frenzy 2022 is here and you can get 5% off on your favorite tech! Looking for a security camera that you can trust? It’s here in Elinz! Looking for an affordable action camera or drone? It’s here in Elinz! Whatever it is you need, you can find it here in Elinz. Just use our discount code: FRENZY2022 ... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 19 May 2022  

Almost everything is dependent on electricity, from basic objects such as lights to the most complex of everyday things like the mobile phone. Now that most of our necessities are powered by electricity, it is always good to have backup power for these things. Gadgets are essential to us nowadays not only because it makes our lives more convenient but it also gives us a sense of belongingness. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 17 May 2022  

If you have an RV, chances are you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality power inverter for all your device like TV, microwave, coffee maker, and laptop. So, I highly recommend getting a pure sine wave inverter for all your device. Why a pure sine wave inverter? It produces a smooth, flowing rhythm of AC electricity. This type of power output is more or less what you get in your home and what most household appliances are designed to run on. The consistent flow of electricity enables the PSW to provide better protection for the inner circuitry and microprocessor of electronic devices, thus, helping minimize the risk of your appliances overheating. ... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 12 May 2022  

1 in 5 Australians are now using dash cameras/rear mirrors, according to research done by Allianz Australia. That is about 21% of their population. Let’s not shy ourselves of the fact that dash cameras and rear cameras are in fact very helpful in handling vehicles. Most companies or institutions use them for their fleet. On the good side of it, we must tell you that you don’t need to spend a lot of money just to have something like this installed. Elinz offers you an affordable way to manage your bus... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 5 May 2022  

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and the best way to make this day special is TO DO something special for our mothers. Mothers are considered to be the most hardworking people. They never take breaks from taking care of the family, they have a full time job in the household! They were there from the beginning and we should do the same for them. We know Mother’s Day is near and here are some ways we thought of that could make our mothers happy! ... continue reading