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Author: John D   Date Posted: 20 January 2022  

Are your earphones all worn out that you can’t even hear your meetings loud and clear? Maybe it’s finally time to put it away and reward yourself with all-new handsfree noise reduction earphones! Wait. What’s that? You’re having second thoughts ‘cause it might be expensive? Well, you don’t have to worry about that ‘cause Elinz is having a 5% OFF SALE right now! ... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 13 January 2022  

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are finally out! They are remakes of the 2006 DS game but now reimagined and with an amazing facelift graphics from the developers. An open world game that is set in the Sinnoh region, we are very sure you will not be able to finish this game in one day! Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl sold 1.39 million copies in its first three days in Japan alone. This surpassed the launch sales of Pokémon Sword and Shield in the same period in that region. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 5 January 2022  

The holidays are over but in Elinz the gift-giving season is still here! Starting tomorrow, January 6, 2022, we will be having a 3-DAY SALE!!! We know you’re just waiting for the right time to check out all those items on your cart, and we heard you! That is why now is the perfect time to do that. Visit our websit... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 30 December 2021  

Planning ahead of a special trip is the first step to making a successful one. Driving from coast to coast will be very tiring and relaxing at the same time. Tiring because, of course, it is considered as a long drive, but relaxing because of the view of the picturesque nature around you. We may not have a complete itinerary on hand but at least know where we want to go, who we want to be with, and what we need to bring. Being... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 23 December 2021  

Perfect weather for camping outdoors, and getting that picturesque scenery you always wanted. Have you figured out who you wanted to bring camping with? Long time friends where you can just be yourself and probably not sleep through your vacation. Or you can also go alone and have that unwinding moment for yourself. How about making your holiday vacation fail-proof? Luckily, we got the things you need to help you get through your camping! &n... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 16 December 2021  

Having a road trip is most fun when you are with the people you want to be with! The people you want to test your patience with - or not. As long as you’re having fun, it doesn’t even matter. But something that will make your road trip more fun is having the right music and probably the right movies to watch if you have a DVD player installed in your car. Even when you’re not talking, music or movies can soothe your nerves. ... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 14 December 2021  

If you’re the driver, you are obviously not allowed to watch anything! Remember to always keep your eyes on the road and grip your hands on the steering wheel. But as the driver, you can still be in control of other people’s entertainment. Whether you’re having a road trip with your friends, traveling with your family, enduring children’s tantrums - getting a car headrest DVD player is definitely an amazing option. He... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 9 December 2021  

After a long day of sitting down for a desk job, or a rigorous exercise, I always look forward to an end of the week massage treat. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, activities such as going to a massage parlor, or a spa to indulge myself are very risky. Good thing the Elinz Massage Gun Electric Massager Deep Tissue Fascia 29 Speed Muscle with 8 Heads, will make sure you still get that massage satisfaction from the comfort and safety of your home. ... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 7 December 2021  

Whether it’s storing food in portions for your own consumption or preparing ingredients for a gathering ahead of time, the Elinz Stainless Steel Food Vacuum Sealer is perfect for you. This product both weighs and seals food for your culinary convenience. The product includes Vacuum roll x 1pc: 20*200cm and Vacuum bag x 5pcs: 20*30cm. The plastic seals are Food grade nylon + PE (Multi-layers Co-extruded Embossed). The embossed seal bags have a special air removal channels design for fast and easy vacuuming. ... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 2 December 2021  

This holiday season, whether it's staying home and celebrating the holidays with family and friends or an outdoor experience, you have got to step up your Christmas documentation with our Elinz MJX Bugs 4W Foldable Drone 4K Camera GPS 5Ghz WiFi Quadcopter Brushless Motor B4W . Capture important moments with our ultra clear camera from amazing angles making sure that every moment will be unforgettable. ... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 25 November 2021  

Another exciting and thrilling action-filled game was release last November 5, 2021. Call of Duty: Vanguard is the most recent installment of the Call of Duty series. The storyline focuses and features the beginning of special forces to battle an arising threat at the end of the war. Although the game received some criticism from the Zombie mode, it surely did entertained a lot of praise with the campaign and multiplayer mode. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 22 November 2021  

Today’s the start of the Black Friday Sale and because we know how challenging the last few years have been to everyone, we will be having a 10% OFF STOREWIDE SALE on BLACK FRIDAY as an early gift! It’s the first time that Elinz is doing a 10% off storewide sale so now is the perfect time to grab everything on your wishlist and take advantage of the storewide sale! ... continue reading