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Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 26 June 2017  

Using a car battery charger might look simple, but in fact it is much more complicated than you think. There are so many things you need to consider before you can charge you car’s battery and if you are a total newbie in this endeavour then it might even be potentially dangerous. If you are not the type of person that would read the user manual then here is how to charge a battery with your charger: Steps to Use a Car Battery Charger Step 1: Prepare the battery for the charging. It is important to do this step in order for your charge to be successful. If you are planning to remove the battery from the vehicle to charge it, please do it immediately before you start. It is extremely dangerous to move the battery while it is charging... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 22 June 2017  

If you ever had problems finding the right lighting solutions for you then you might want to consider getting LED rigid light bars . These are convenient ways that could light up any spot that you need for different situations. LED Rigid Light Bars Feature This particular LED bar strips are designed with convenience in mind. It’s aluminium frame can easily be attached in most surfaces like tents, caravans, or awnings. It comes with an easy to use kit, which includes cables, mounting hardware, and quick connectors. This also has a powerful heat elimination shelf that is made o... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 19 June 2017  

Smart gadgets have blown up in the past few years to a point where practically everybody owns one. However, inefficient battery life is the key pitfall of these gadgets. If you are a smart phone power user (using your phone for social media, e-mails, and other forms of communication extensively) you might have to charge your phone twice a day and this is really a hassle. This is where the benefits of having a powerbank (portable electronic charging units) come into play. However, with so many options available in the market, how do you choose the right one for you? Tips to Choose a Good Powerbank Here’s a comprehensive list of tips to help you with your search: Tip No. 1: Identify... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 13 June 2017  

Are you a serious off road enthusiast? Do you normally use your LED light bar in rough terrain? If you want to properly clean your light bar, but don’t really know how to do it, here is a step-by-step instruction for you to follow. Cleaning the LED Light Bar First, all you need is a mild cleaning agent (such as a light detergent or soap mixture), a soft cleaning cloth and/or sponge, and running water. Before you start this particular task you have to consult your LED light bars Australia manual to see if there are any specific instructions they have of cleaning the device. If you found nothing peculiar then kindly proceed with the following steps: ... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 8 June 2017  

Have you ever had that weird fear that your car would suddenly ran out of battery in the woop-woops and you don’t have any means to turn it on again? Then getting a battery charger might be the right move for you. This device can help you ensure the car battery is fully charged, so you no longer have to jump start with another car, if ever you find one. The 2 in 1 50A Battery Charger Jump Starter If you are unsure on what type of battery charger you should get then try considering getting Maxlee’s 2-in 1 50A Battery Charger Jumpstarter to help you with your needs. This is considered to be a wider range of battery charger and jump starter in the Maxlee lin... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 5 June 2017  

The LED flashlight has always been an important tool that should be included in your emergency kits for your homes. It is a tool that has proven itself to be incredibly vital both during trying times (such as storms, earthquakes, and the like) or if you’re just an outdoors enthusiast that loves camping. It is why you should have at least one in your home because being prepared is always a good idea. The LED Flashlight Despite the sudden popularity of the LED headlight , handheld flashlights are still considered to be the preferred style of most people. This is the go to device for people if they want... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 31 May 2017  

If you and your family love to go out on road trips but the thought of a long drive might put your kids in a restless mood. This might be the right time to invest on an active headrest DVD player so that you’ll be able to make keep everyone in the car entertained. There are heaps of vehicle DVD players out in the market and you might feel overwhelmed with the choices on your hands, so here are products you should definitely consider: Recommended Active Headrest DVD players The first item that will be discussed is the 10.1 inch Slim Active Car Headrest DVD P... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 29 May 2017  

Have you ever entertained the thought of purchasing a dash cam ? Maybe you have seen so many videos online of how this incredible device has helped people avoid unnecessary legal disputes or the shocking yet real accident encounters everyday vehicle owners face. If you want to drive safely feeling confident that you have a device documenting your ride, then you should definitely have a dash cam installed in your vehicle. Which Dash Cam Should I Choose? You might be overwhelmed with the amount of options you have online. Here’s a quick overview of three dash camera options for you: 1. Dash Cam Dual Camera Reversing Recorde... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 24 May 2017  

Sports action cam has been pretty popular in the past few years it has been made accessible to the public. This small, portable, and light camera equipment has practically been abundant. From professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, and adventure-seekers have this nifty device on their paraphernalia. This is used mainly to provide an intimate look at the activities of the owner or have access to locations that can’t be filmed by any man (also thanks to air drones). It has truly opened up such a world of imagery that used to be exclusive to big-shot filmmakers. So, what is an action cam ? As discussed earlier, it is a sleek small camera encased in a metal or glass body that could wit... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 22 May 2017  

There is no doubt that the dash cam has become a powerful documenting tool that has helped countless of drivers regain their confidence and security on the road. Dashboard cams are portable video recording devices that could captures moments that happened while you’re driving the moment you start the ignition. This device’s performance won’t be as effective if it has a low-key processor. What is a Dash Cam Processor? In hindsight the dash camera ’s processor is like the brain of the device. It performs its features and duties because of this, which is why this is an aspect you need to look out for before you make a purchase. If you partnered a good processor with a quality CMOS sensor and high resolution lenses then you have one amazing camera... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 18 May 2017  

Have you ever been stuck in the woop-woops because your car’s battery completely ran out of juice unexpectedly? You wouldn’t want to experience that again right? For the sake of getting you back to your comfort zone and for your peace of mind, it is highly recommended for you to get a battery charger . It can help you jump-start your car in cases of emergencies and it can recharge it in an effective way. The Key Features A Battery Charger Should Have Now that you have given it much thought, you need to distinguish the jump starter charger you need. How? Here are some features you need to look out for when buying this kind of device: Feature No. 1: Efficiency. Quality ... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 17 May 2017  

For all the conveniences smartphones can provide us, there seems to be one thing they are not really good at: staying functional for a very long period of time. Smartphone manufacturers have yet to come up with a way to make their products have very long battery life. For this reason, it is definitely a smart move to have a 10400mAh portable power bank all the time. With this device, you can keep your smart phone going for hours. Why Do You Need a 10400mAh Portable Power Bank? If you're a smartphone owner and you use it extensively, it certainly pays to have extra juice for your mobile device. Here are the common signs you need a powerbank. 1. You love taking selfies Using your phone's camera app can certainly take its toll on its battery charge. If you love taking selfies, you surely d... continue reading