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Author: John D.   Date Posted: 13 December 2019  

Welcome again to our weekly "You Ask, Elinz Answers", where we scour the internet for some frequently asked questions about dash cams, reversing cameras and other electronic gadgets! Recently, we've been receiving a ton of dash cam & security camera related questions. We've seen some interesting answers that involve CCTVs, IP security cameras, and a lot more. Do read on if you'd like to learn more about the most common questions that people out there might have. On to the questions! ... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 12 December 2019  

If you've noticed recently, we have been inundated with news about bushfires happening in various areas of the country. It is indeed, scary and sobering, with some experts saying that we are having some of the most unprecedented bushfires for all of history , in more ways than one. If you'll notice, Sydney has been seeing some huge amounts of smoke that are quite unhealthy to be exposed to, to say the least. It's been weeks of that, with bushfires being the main culprit. We here at Elinz are huge safety advocates- especially since a lot of our gear relates to safety and security. And even though the holiday season is fast approaching, we believe in preparedness and awarenes... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 11 December 2019  

There are tons of reasons for getting an Android Car DVD player. With new laws in effect in NSW regarding cellphone usage while driving and just overall general safety, now is the best time to get one. And while we do know that it can be a little expensive, we here at Elinz think it's a worthwhile investment that you should look into. Here are some reasons why: Reason #1: Safety Plenty of people claim that they're fine texting while driving. They've got a handle on it, and never have they ever been in an accident all their lives- after all, they've been doing it for years, probably ever since the mobile phone came out! But you just know that tha... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 11 December 2019  

Drones are super-fun . Anyone who's tried one can agree, but they can be quite a bit to handle. Here are some of our tips here at Elinz to using drones safely! So whether you have a quadcopter or any kind of drone there is out there, refer to this guide to operate the drone safely. If you're looking for great drones, look no further than Elinz! Get it all here, and purchase one today for a 5% off on all these items . ... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 10 December 2019  

Don’t miss this awesome deal today ! as part of our 12 days of christmas special offer, we’re taking 5% off on all LED light bar purchases today. ... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 9 December 2019  

Hey there! In this blog post, we continue answering questions from our Quora. Here are the best ones that we've come across recently, covering questions about dash cams and security cameras. Without further ado- here they are some of our best and most recent questions on the feed! ... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 7 December 2019  

Curious about what kind of security camera or what setup you should have for your home? Here's a quick guide from us here at Elinz- know which ones are best for what size or property, whether IP or CCTV, multiple or single cameras. Looking for great security cameras? We have different bundles and security camera types for different kinds of businesses and properties. Look through our selection, and find that best fits your needs. Secure your home and your business today with Elinz security cameras! ... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 6 December 2019  

Security is such an important factor in our lives, one that we shouldn’t overlook no matter where we are or what kind of property you have. Like tall walls and locks, security cameras h... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 5 December 2019  

Ah yes, the holidays . It's the most wonderful time of the year, but when the something goes wrong, it's hard not to get disappointed. Say you're on a long road trip to your family's place and you're about to celebrate Christmas together- then halfway through the trip, your car's battery goes out. You forgot to check up on it and you didn't have it replaced prior to the long road trip. Now you're going to have to get towed, or you're going to have to bother someone to go out of their way (on the holiday season no less) just to bring you fresh batteries. (Not a good position to be in, bothering someone for a jumpstart.) Or say you're on the phone with someone you've been wanting to hear fro... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 4 December 2019  

The holidays are here! But before you start decorating and enjoying the most wonderful time of the year, here are some tips to make it a little happier and safer from us here at Elinz. If you're looking to make your driving and your home safer this coming holiday season, a security camera and a dash cam are invaluable. Get yours here today at Elinz! ... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 3 December 2019  

New laws are now in effect- if you get caught using a mobile device in NSW at any point while driving, you’re in for a warning for the first time. And the next time you get caught, you run the risk of a $344 fine, $457 if you’re in a school zone. ... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 2 December 2019  

Master the skies and keep your eyes on the ground with this brand new drone from us here at Elinz! If you find yourself in an adventure, a drone i... continue reading