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Author: John D   Date Posted: 27 July 2021  

Do you miss your life pre-covid? As much as we all want to go back to life without masks and social distancing, the pandemic is not yet over. And here’s a gentle reminder to everyone to continue wearing your mask, practice social distancing, thoroughly wash your hands, and order online if possible. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 20 July 2021  

Zoom meetings have been very important ever since the pandemic started. Company meetings, online classes, and other conferences rely on these virtual meetings to be as productive as we were before the pandemic happened. Virtual meetings are definitely the easiest, fastest, and safest way to go and meet with your workmates, classmates, or friends without risking your health. Just log in to your computer and click the meeting’s link and you’re there! As easy and fast as that! ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 15 July 2021  

Sports action cameras are probably one of the most popular cameras that we bring along when we go for an adventure or just a quick road trip. A trip wouldn’t be complete without it, right? And it’s pretty easy to understand why. The camera’s small, meaning it won’t take up too much space and this makes it very easy to bring anywhere. You can just easily mount it on your bike, a helmet, a selfie stick, and more, and you can get your whole trip documented! Plus, if you get one that offers a high-quality resolution camera, you can capture everything in HD. No wonder it caught every adventurer’s heart. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 13 July 2021  

Let us help you secure all the things that are important to you with our top-of-the-line security cameras. With this installed, you can always guarantee safety for your family or investments. Late meetings, out-of-town business trips, and other emergencies? With a security camera installed in your home or business, you can always check on it anytime and anywhere on your mobile phone and feel more at peace. And with the advanced features that our security cameras have, you can even capture, detect and record faces and motions. So whether you want to keep your premises crime-free, or if you want to keep an eye on your kids, Elinz has a great range of security cameras at the best prices in Australia.... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 7 July 2021  

If you love hiking, then I guess we can both agree that the view at the top of the mountain will always be breathtaking, right? That 360° view and cold breeze touching your face is worth every struggle and climb. And no matter how sore your body is the next day, you will do it all over again to experience that thrill and see that spectacular view again. Another thing that make... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 6 July 2021  

“The best drivers are aware that they must be beware.” By being aware of your surroundings and always keeping your eyes open while driving can make the road a little safer for you and the other motorists. But how can you be aware of your surroundings if you can’t see them clearly? The best way to solve this problem is to install high-quality LED driving lights! Driving lights are a very valuable tool when driving any... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 1 July 2021  

You’ve probably seen one of our best sellers, the Elinz Wireless Home Battery Security 1080P HD WiFi 8x . It’s a wireless home security camera that includes 8 cameras so you can strategically place them in different locations on your home or business. However, what if you don’t need that many cameras? If you’re looking to buy the ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 30 June 2021  

Car battery chargers can lose their charge at sometimes the most unexpected time, and when that happens we all know how frustrating the situation can be. Turn the situation around by always being prepared to jump-start your battery back to its best capacity. If you’re looking for a smart car battery charger that you can always rely on, we have a lot to offer you! If you’... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 28 June 2021  

Your peace of mind and safety should always come first. Being away from home while at work can sometimes cause us to worry. Are the kids okay? Are my pets okay? Going on a vacation and won’t be home for a couple of days? You’ll probably wonder how everything is going at home. The best way to lessen your worries and stress is to install a security system. This way you can always keep an eye on the people and things that you love. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 25 June 2021  

School holidays are finally here!! It’s finally time to relax, get that more than 8 hours of sleep, watch all the movies you’ve always wanted, stay up playing games, or go on that road trip that you’ve always talked about. Take the whole family on a road trip and just simply enjoy each other’s company. Do something that you can make you look back on a couple of years from now and be like, “Hey that was fun. Let’s do it again!” ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 22 June 2021  

School holidays are just around the corner. It’s finally time to relax and have fun! Drop all your worries for now and reward yourself for doing your best. Now, how do you plan on spending and making the most of it? If you and your mates are still not sure we have tons of ideas for you that you will not regret. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 21 June 2021  

When it comes to your health and safety nothing is ever “too much”, as long as you do it the proper way and follow the protocols. Do your fair share of protecting yourself, your loved ones, and the people around you during this pandemic by wearing a mask, doing proper hand washing, and being conscious of your health by personally checking your temperature at the comforts of your home. ... continue reading