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Headrest DVD Player created with quality and reliability in mind

Spending long hours on the road can be a bore, especially for children. But with a headrest DVD player, you can make travelling fun and exciting for everyone, even on long trips!

  • Sony laser lens

    Read a wide range of DVDs or CDs  with your car DVD player, if not all of them. 

  • Built-in 32-bit games

    Tilt your IR remote control and you’ve got controller! All our headrest car DVD players come with a bunch of games that not only kids, but also adults can enjoy.

  • Some high definition 800x480 touch screen monitors

    Watch all your favorite movies in crystal clear clarity, with excellent frames per second on digital screen.

  • Different colours and models

    Different colours and models are there to fit with your car’s interior, no matter what kind.

  • Also available: portable plug-and-play headrest DVD players

    With different portable plug and play headrest DVD players, you’re able to bring your DVD players to different vehicles, should you prefer.

  • HDMI port for specific headrest DVD player

    Some headrest DVD players have an HDMI port, offering clearer, crisper video at less the wires needed.

  • Easy Installation

    Clip and go. Clip them on your car’s headrests, and our car dvd players should be ready for use!

  • Can play USB with maximum of 32gb

    Pack your USB with music, movies and other content, and our headrest car DVD players should be able to play it.

What's in for You?

  • Some headrest comes with FREE 2XHeadphone and FREE 2XCAR CHARGER
  • Free Shipping Australia Wide
  • Earn Loyalty Reward Points
  • Amazing deals and discounts
  • 12 months warranty

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