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Powerbanks, Bluetooth Headset & Speakers and Webcams

Go loco on tech with Elinz bestselling power banks, bluetooth headsets, and webcams!

For those of you who can't survive a day without music, a wireless bluetooth headset is a miracle item for you. You can continuously listen to your favorite songs and playlist without wiring hassle and connectivity issues anytime, anywhere.

If your smart phone or electronic has low battery health and the battery gets emptied easily, then traveling around can be inconvenient for you. Keep your gadgets fully charged with Elinz's wide line of power banks. Choose either 10,000 or 20,000 mAh power bank capacity with sleek, modern designs. They're quick charging, portable, has dual usb ports, and some are even solar powered!

Webcams are constantly needed in workplaces, digital meetings, online classes, and such. You don't need to appear as a pixelized cartoon character in front of your colleagues and classmates. Instead, give your best professional look by upgrading your laptop built-in webcams with attachable ones for a full HD 1080P image resolution. Our plug-and-play webcams come with low light adjustment, color correction, adjustable design, and some even has built-in microphone with a noise cancelling feature.