7"LCD Monitor HD 4PIN CCD Reversing Camera Digital Wireless Receiver Transmitter

2 Video Input~CCD Image Sensor~90°camera~200m Distance

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7" LCD Monitor HD 4PIN CCD Reversing Camera 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Receiver Transmitter

This Reversing Camera Monitor Kit can be used with Trucks/ Caravans/Cars. It has two video inputs, reversing first Connect 2 cameras to the monitor(2nd camera - optional). You can view one camera while driving and the 2nd camera will turn on automatically when reversing. CCD Reversing camera has IR LED which outputs digital signal.

This Digital Wireless Transmitter Receiver has digital connection you don’t have to burden on signal interference. Remove your worries on installing as you can DIY installation as it is simple and easy.

Key Features

High Definition LCD Monitor

  • 7" 16:9 TFT Colour LCD
  • Resolution: 800x480

Video Inputs

  • 2 Video Inputs
  • One way audio input

Built-in Speaker

Remote Control, OSD Menu

Contrast, Colour, Brightness adjustable

Can connect to DVD/MP4/Camera etc

CCD image Sensor (Made by Sharp Company)

  • Better picture clarity, color contrasting and sharpness
  • Infrared LED Heavy duty hard metal cased
  • Waterproof and Mudproof
  • 90 degree wide angle viewing

Digital Wireless Connection

  • New Technology using digital wireless transmission
  • No interference digital signal

Unobstructed Effective Range: 200m

  • Wireless connection is unhindered.
  • Images are delivered to your monitor clearly.

Wireless 2.4GHz Transmitter/Receiver Set

  • It can transmit images using high frequency connection

Power Supply: DC12~24V

  • Low power consumption

Makes your Monitor Wireless

  • Makes your monitor wireless in less than a minute
  • Connect the transmitter to the camera part, and the receiver to the monitor part, the image can be transmitted wirelessly, so no wire needed between the monitor and camera


  • This Wireless Transmitter and Receiver is compatible with 4PIN monitor Kits
  • It is made to be used for heavy duty vehicles i.e. Trucks, Caravans, Cars, Boats etc.

Use of Digital Wireless Receiver & Transmitter

  • Connecting one camera to monitor
    • Choose any from HDWRL-A or HDWRL-B
  • Connecting 2 cameras in one monitor
    • To connect 2 cameras on your monitor, use HDWRL-A and HDWRL-B so channel A camera will not interfere with the signal of channel B camera.
    • Don't use the same channels in connecting to 2 cameras.
    • Different signals are used to connect 2 cameras to avoid signal interference

Item Description:

  • This monitor and reverse camera can be used with Trucks/ Caravans/Cars
  • Two video inputs, reversing first Connect 2 cameras to the monitor (2nd camera - optional). You can view one camera while driving and the 2nd camera will turn on automatically when reversing.
  • 16:9/4:3 switch freely
  • Get CCD not CMOS cameras if you want to view the camera while driving. CMOS cameras are not designed to work for long period of time, otherwise they could get damaged easily.
  • Easy to install. You can D.I.Y. as long as you can locate your vehicle’s 12V/24V power source.
  • IR LED
  • Lens Angle: 90 degree
  • Heavy duty night vision IR CCD Reversing Camera
  • Waterproof and Mudproof
  • Power Supply: DC12~24V
  • Consumption Current: 150mA
  • Tx Channel: 1 channels
  • T/R Frequency: 2.2G~2.3G~2.4G
  • Output Power: 200mW
  • Unobstructed Effective Range: 200 m
  • Operating temperature: -10°c ~ +50°c
  • Transmitter Dimension: L8cm*W4cm*H2cm
  • Receiver Dimension: L8cm*W4cm*H2cm

No Interference Digital Signal

Digital wireless connection can be use to transmit video signal wirelessly but no audio signal.

What is the difference between Wireless Analogue Transmission and Wireless Digital Transmission?

Analogue systems use the same technology /frequency as bluetooth/wireless networks therefore analogue monitors can pick up interference from Bluetooth phones/headsets etc. Digital systems are paired and only 'see' the digital signals, therefore there is no interference.

No Cables Required

Made to be used with Heavy Duty Vehicle

Functionality and Advantages

channel Truck reverse camerachannel Truck reverse camera


monitor CCD reversing cameradimensions 90° angle reversing camera


camera caravan reversing camera

Remote Controller


How to Connect

What's included


Specification of monitor

  • Resolution: 800 X 3 (RGB) X480
  • Contrast: 500:1
  • Dot pitch:0.192 ( H) X 0.1805 (V )
  • Viewing angle U:50/D:60 L/R:70
  • Input power: DC10-24V
  • System: PAL and NTSC
  • Respond time: 30ms
  • Shock resistant, specifically design for mobile use
  • Picture display format: 4:3/16:9
  • Quad screen
  • 4 video channels, 1 audio channel
  • Five languages OSD menu: Chinese, English, Russian, German and French
  • The display with two video frequency input Automatic/manual switcher
  • Includes flat surface stand
  • Front panel controls with on-screen menu
  • Sunshade cover is easy to install and take off

Specification of camera: Day and Night camera

  • COLOR sensor
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • System:NTSC:510x492,PAL 500X582
  • Resolution: 420 TV Lines
  • Minimum Light: 0 Lux(LED ON)
  • Electron shutter: 1/100,000(s),ON/OFF
  • S/N ratio; More than 48 Db
  • Video output: 1Vp-p 75_
  • Voltage:DC24V(+/-10%)
  • 18 LED infrared for night vision
  • Built in microphone
  • Vibrations resistant, especial design for mobile use
  • 120 degree
Barcode # 0686494501195
Shipping Weight 1.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.100m
Shipping Height 0.260m
Shipping Length 0.400m
Shipping Cubic 0.010400m3
Unit Of Measure ea

Wireless Magic

By: on 13 November 2015
We have a small caravan to be towed by a Kia Sportage. Like many modern cars, the car's rear view camera cannot support a second manually selected camera. We have found that a good wide angle camera assists when changing lanes and overtaking, as well as backing into caravan sites. I was hunting around the net and found this wireless model. We also bought the windshield suction cup so we can remove the screen when not towing. Most people have heard stories of poor reception from wireless sets. I had an auto electrician install the camera in the caravan, and he was stunned at how good the picture was compared to any other wireless system. We have now been driving for a few days in peak hour traffic and found that the stable image was clear and bright. I would recommend this unit to any fussy purchaser.

wireless reversing camera

By: on 28 November 2013
Fantastic product and easy to install,highly recommend.

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1. What is the top advantage of having a wireless camera system?
Installation is much easier because you don't have to deal with cables and wires between the monitor and camera.
2. Some wireless devices are known from suffering from signal interference. Is this wireless camera the same?
No. Unlike older devices, this wireless camera system uses the latest digital wireless transmission technology that prevents signal interference.
3. What does its "Quad Screen" feature mean?
It means that the monitor can receive signals and transmission from up to four wireless reversing cameras at the same time. This allows you to view four camera angles on the screen simultaneously.

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