Differences between the Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted:26 March 2019 

The main job of a power inverter is to convert the direct current (DC) power coming from the solar panels or battery bank to alternating current (AC) power which most appliances need. For this to happen, there is a need to take the continuous DC voltage then, have it changed to a sine wave curve, going above and under zero volts. There are different kinds of inverters—the pure sine wave inverters, and the other is modified sine wave inverters. But how do the two differ? 



The table below presents the detailed differences of the pure sine wave inverters and the modified sine wave inverters.  When the power inverters were first introduced, the most typical way for them to work was to make their voltage go up and down, producing a block signal. The system is also known as a modified sine wave. A more innovative modified sine wave inverter makes different steps that try to come near to a pure sine wave inverter. 


Pure Sine Wave Inverters   

Modified Sine Wave Inverters

Electronics Preferences   

These inverters are what you’ll always need for a grid-tie system. Generally, it is needed for the newer or more advanced CFL light bulbs, LED TVs, as well as inductive loads such as brushless motors. Even the audio equipment and clocks function much better on this kind of inverter.   

You can use these inverters for simple systems without any delicate audio equipment or electronics that can possibly pick up or acquire the choppy wave and produce some vibrations.



A bit costly because of the more technologically advanced system it powers up.

Less expensive as they are used only in a simple system


These inverters use more advanced technology and are a much better choice for the power supply for home appliances.   

These inverters use a more basic technology that they generate power that’s perfectly sufficient for powering simple electronics

Safety of Use 

Appliances running minus a pure smooth power may possibly be damaged. This means that these inverters guarantee the safety of use on all appliances.   

Not safe to use for all equipment and appliances. These inverters are used only for less sensitive appliances such as heaters, phone chargers, and air conditioners, among others

Appliances/Equipment compatibility

Microwave, laser printer, selected TVs, key machine, medical equipment, sensitive electronics, Some speed tools, etc.

Old tube TVs, motors with brushes, coffee machine, electric drier, etc.

When considering the purchase of a pure sine wave or a modified sine wave inverter, the question of which is the right power supplier to buy is still answerable by you. The considerations should depend on the equipment or appliances you are using every day. If you want to be sure of the inverter you are choosing, you can browse through this page and check out the wide range of quality inverters at affordable prices.