What Are 12v and 24v Inverters and Why Are They Important?

Author: Jeffrey R.  

For those who require mobile power solutions without having to rely on big, bulky, and noisy power generators, 12v and 24v inverters provide a viable alternative. Inverters are smaller and more compact than power generators, which make them much easier to transport. What's more, they are noise-free and they don't require petrol to function and provide you with AC power, allowing you to utilise a wide range of electrical appliances and power tools on the go.
How inverters work
Inverters don't generate power on their own. Instead, they produce AC power by converting the DC electricity stored in a battery bank, like your car's batter for example. And instead of having a mechanical engine like a standard power generator, these electronic devices utilise high-speed electrical switches and transformers to modify DC to AC power. As a result, the power conversion process is more efficient and much safer to the environment.
Pure sine wave inverters can be connected to either 12v or 24 batteries. They come in different sizes or wattages, too, which could range from 600w/1200w to as high as 5000w/10,000w. The first digit (ie 600w) is the maximum continuous power an inverter can produce. The second digit, on the other hand, (ie 1200w) is the device's maximum power output. So whether you need to use simple tools or more sophisticated electronic devices, you can be sure to find an inverter that can help you out.
The importance of power inverters
Inverters are very important because they can be used in a wide range of applications even if you're located in a place that is off the power grid.
1. Transform your car/boat into a mobile home or office. Although certain electronic devices have their own batteries, like laptops, smart phones, and handheld gaming consoles, you wouldn't be able to use them for an extended period of time because their batteries will be discharged eventually. But with the help of an inverter connected to your car or boat's battery, you can use these devices long after their batteries have run out.
2. Emergency backup power. Pure sine wave power inverters can be quite useful during sudden power outages or emergency situations where you need to use electrical devices and power tools. Just connect the inverter to a battery bank and you will be able to use the appliance without any problem.
3. Sustainable energy. Inverters are very important for people who utilise sustainable energy, like solar power, in their daily life. The inverter can be connected to solar panels or wind turbines, enabling users to convert the DC power the latter is producing into usable AC electricity.
Indeed, 24v and 12v inverters are a great help in many situations. So if you travel frequently or you simply want a tool that can help you obtain emergency backup power, investing in this nifty electronic device is something you must consider. Meanwhile, if you're looking for top quality inverters, visit Elinz Electronics.