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Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 21 March 2019  

Installing a reversing camera monitor kit in your car is a wise thing to do. Indeed, your safety and security matter a lot. If you don’t have one yet, it’s never too late to install a set to guarantee you a worry-free road trip and even parking task. This is also the best time to purchase a kit and Elinz is the best store to get it from. This is indeed, is the perfect time because, from March 21 until March 23, (midnight) 2019, you can get one of the best-performing reversing camera monitor kits from Elinz at marked down price. During this period, pick your choice from the featured kits and get them at 5% off their regular price. Not only that! If you happen to choose a kit that is currently on sale, you still get the discount, on top of the existing sale price! ... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 20 March 2019  

If you are looking for a DVD player for your car, don’t just choose any device. Instead, opt for the Active headrest DVD player . Most of the new vehicles have this kind of technology for the device from which the factory headrest pillow can adjust forward, and up in the case, an accident happens. Because of the motor and electronics parts used so the headrest pillow can be moved, not to mention the added safety the built-in Active headrest technology offers, replacing the headrest pillows is no longer recommended. If you don’t have an Active technology for your car DVD player yet, worry not. It’s never too late for a solution even at the back seat for the passengers’ entertainment. At Elinz, a fast-growing online retail store for electronic gadgets and products, you’ll find an array of Active headrest DVD players. This brand boasts of extremely hig... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 13 March 2019  

If you haven’t installed any security camera at home or in your office yet, maybe now is the perfect time to consider owning one. Surely, everyone wants their home wholly secured from any untoward incident. And for anyone to achieve this, you should set up a camera system that to capture or record an essential occurrence while you are away. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get started, what CCTV cam to choose and where to get it. Elinz, a leading online retail electronic products store, has a complete range of quality security cams at reasonable prices. Considerations to take when Buying a Security Camera Don’t settle for just any ... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 12 March 2019  

Are you a regular shopper at Elinz? Or, do you regularly visit the website of this online retail store for electronics products? If your answer to any or both of these questions, you surely are excited to know what new products are coming to meet your car and home electronics needs. Well, the wait is over as Elinz has just introduced its wide range of new products to satisfy every need, be it security, entertainment or safety. Items to Checkout As always, Elinz introduces new products to provide its valued customers with quality products at the most reasonable prices. Here are some of the new arrivals! Read on and choose the one that caters your need: Dual Dash Cam Camera Car Video 170° 1296P 2.0 LCD Uber Taxi Hardwire Kit Charger This is an amazing car accessory to have. This new dual dash camera recorder allows you to record all the goings-on inside and outside of the car as you dr... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 6 March 2019  

Off-road vehicles can be quite challenging to manage. But if you install LED light bars in them, you will realise that having a truck, 4X4, heavy equipment or even boat is not hard at all! These driving lights are worthy of buying because they are longer-lasting than any other kind of light similar vehicles have. Yes, the LED light bar has up to 50,000 hours, so it is more cost-efficient as there’s no need for a replacement right away. If you don’t have this-this lighting product for your vehicle yet, you should get a set now because, with this product, you can be sure of excellent quality since it is among Australia’s most dependable and cost-oriented premium LED lights. Not all light bars made of LED bulbs have bright illumination of flood and spot combination, so this one’s a good pick because of the unique features mentioned. ... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 4 March 2019  

Driving and operating an Uber taxi entails a big responsibility on the part of the operator and most especially, the driver. If you can relate to the statement, you’re probably one of the two (or both) roles mentioned. When you’re an Uber driver, you should remember that that safety is a priority for you and your passengers’ security. That’s what you need a dash cam for—to ensure the safety of everyone in the car while on the road, be it night or day. If you don’t have one yet, or the one you already have is not efficiently functioning, be sure to get one that performs well, with excellent quality and cost-efficient. One of the most critical specifications you should look for in a dash camera is its dual cam capability. This specification will enable you to record all the essential goings-on inside and outside of the car as you drive and take your passengers to their destination. ... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 1 March 2019  

ELINZ HOLDS A 3-DAY SALE ON CAR DVD PLAYERS What’s a long road trip without entertainment? Imagine your passengers enjoyably watching feel-good movies while on the road, yourself singing and swaying along the upbeat music to keep you awake while you drive whole travel time, and the kids attentively watching cartoons and kiddie films to ease boredom before getting to your destination. Amazing, right?! Well, if you don’t have what it takes to turn your imagination into reality, worry no more! All you need is a headrest or roof mount DVD player in your car and you can guarantee an oh-so-perfect trip with your family or friends! Let Elinz, one of Australia’s leading online retail stores of electronics products, help you! From February 28, 2019, until 9 am... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 20 February 2019  

Capturing images of your traveling adventures with your phone is simply not enough to capture great detail. Phone cameras often lack in many ways especially if you are looking to capture high-quality images. Phone cameras tend to capture images that may sometime have pixelated or blurry parts which can pretty much spoil the entire image. For this reason, you should try having a sports action camera with you while you are traveling. Who is a Sports Action Camera for? An action cam... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 19 February 2019  

You can never be too sure that your vehicle is safe in the parking lot or even your garage. There are always threats of it being stolen and this can be quite frustrating. It may take a long while before the police can pinpoint your vehicle through their street security cameras or any other form of tracking that they may use. Why not upscale your tracking and install a GPS tracking device in your vehicle as a means to locate your vehicle instantly. Here are some more reasons why you need to have a GPS tracking device in your vehicle. Why use a GPS Tracking Device? The number one reason why people need to have GPS trac... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 12 February 2019  

Most people nowadays rely on their handheld devices or gadgets for entertainment, business, and even as a guide when visiting new places. Our world is developing rapidly and technology has been one of the most important aspects in that development. You may already know this but, a fully charged gadget can never be enough to last us the entire day. One of the common problems that most of us face is where to find a place to plug in and charge our devices while we are outdoors. This problem can easily be solved if you have fast charge powerbank . ... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 11 February 2019  

Do you often travel long distances with your kids or love to go out camping? It can be quite boring for your kids especially if the travel time is too long. Sometimes boredom even initiates arguments among your kids which can be quite disturbing if you are driving. This is one of the main reasons why you should get a motorized roof mount DVD player for your vehicle. Useful Features of this Motorized Roof Mount DVD Player? This large screen roof mount DVD player has 15.6 inch IPS digital screen which is capable of producing high quality images up to 1080p resolution. This resolution is one of the best next to 4k resolution and can produce crystal clear picture with great detail. The main benefit of watching movies in high... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 8 February 2019  

Technology is now one of our main sources of entertainment especially when we are travelling. Long car trips may get boring, and with that comes exhaustion. Due to this, when you finally reach your destination, you may have no more energy to be active or do what you want to do there. This is one of the main reasons why you should try to keep yourself busy or entertained when traveling. The best way to do so is to watch a movie while or even play video games in the car. However, not all car DVD players are effective and convenient enough to use the way we want to. This is why this slim active car headrest DVD player will be a perfect travel partner for your passengers or your kids. ... continue reading