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Author: John D   Date Posted: 13 August 2020  

Hey there! Father’s Day is quickly coming up on the 20th. If you’re like us and you’d like to prep up and get stuff ready to make dad’s day special, we’ve got you covered here at Elinz. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 12 August 2020  

Happy humpday, everyone! Today, we'll be looking at some questions we've answered on Quora (which you can always visit and ask us a question, if you're ever interested) regarding security cameras, dash cams, and disputes or concerns related to security. It's been an interesting couple of weeks so far in our Quora feed, and without further ado, we'd like to share it with you here: ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 11 August 2020  

Hey team - we hope you’re all safe and sound, staying indoors and healthy. While we’re all staying in quarantine for the meantime, we’ve recently heard of some issues related to IP security cameras. Recently,&nbs... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 7 August 2020  

A not so happy Friday greets us, as numbers continue to come in for new coronavirus cases in Victoria, with 8 more deaths adding to the official tally as of yesterday, We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again - we hope that you’re at home keeping safe and in quarantine, making sure that you’re keeping to the rules of this new normal. From our end, we’ll be sure to deliver your purchases with your safet... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 6 August 2020  

Recently, we’ve done a quick comparison of different security camera types, between CCTV, IP & NVR security camera systems. Now that we’re all indoors these days, we’d all do well to keep our homes a little bit safer. One of the best and quickest ways to secure your home would be with an IP security camera, since they’re so easy to get and set up. If you’re thinking of getting an IP security camera for your home but would like to know a little bit more before committing to a purchase, here are some frequently asked questions about IP security cameras, what they are, how you get them to work and what safety measures you need to take before employing one in your home. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 5 August 2020  

We hope you’re all having a good day so far this Wednesday and here’s something that might make it a little bit better - we’ve got some brand new gear here at Elinz: a brand new reverse camera, and an amazing solar-powered security camera. Without further ado, let’s look into what’s new with our products here at Elinz. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 3 August 2020  

Hey there - we know you’re all staying safe at home and you might not have gotten some tools to help make your quarantine a little bit easier to cope through day by day. We’re glad to let you know that we have so many options for you here at Elinz delivered to you straight to your doorstep. We’ll be outlining some must-have products that you can get through our store today. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 31 July 2020  

A not so happy Friday greets us today, as just yesterday there have been 723 new coronavirus cases recorded last Thursday, with 13 new deaths adding to the total tally. Our prayers and condolences go out to the families of these individuals. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 30 July 2020  

“What does CCTV even mean? And what’s that NVR I’ve been hearing about?” Is something plenty of people usually say when they’re out buying a security camera. And let’s be honest - it can get quite confusing when you’re just trying to figure out what security camera you’d like to get for your home. It doesn’t help either now that physical storefronts are usually closed due to COVID-19, so there won’t be any staff to answer your questions. Everyone deserves the peace of mind that security cameras can provide, along with their many deterrent qualities that makes homes and businesses safer. So in this blog entry, we thought we’d break down security camera types into three distinct types, from their type and where to best use them. This should help inform you on your next purchase, and ultimately make your property a li... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 29 July 2020  

Hey there! We know that the news carries grim tidings, as 300 more cases are added to the complete tally of COVID-19 cases in Victoria. We hope that you’re all staying safe and indoors like us, and you’re staying safe and healthy throughout these troubled times. For a lot of us that were planning trips after the lockdown, we’ll have to put that on hold for now as we ride out the storm indoors to make sure t... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 28 July 2020  

If you thought that there were only one kind of dash cams, you’d be forgiven to think that - in a market with a lot of different dash cams with different features and capture resolutions it can get pretty confusing pretty fast. It's already plenty hard to pick out a dash cams, whether it's your first time to get one, or you're looking to replace an old one that you have. There are a few features that should be taken a look at, and one of the things you should look at is whether your dash cam is powered by a supercapacitor, or an internal battery. It makes a world of difference when it comes to product durability/longevity, how you install it, and how you use it. One of the most important but often overlooked factors is whether you should get a dash cam with a supercapacitor, or a dash cam with an internal battery. What’s the big difference? Well, you’re about t... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 27 July 2020  

Happy Monday, everyone! While we’re all on quarantine for the meantime due to COVID-19 cases on surge again, we hope you’re all doing well and staying safe indoors and not putting yourself in danger by making unnecessary trips. Since we’re all staying indoors, for now, it’s best to take care inside your home with extra security. If you’re also working from home as well, you could also do better when it come... continue reading