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Author: John D.   Date Posted: 24 December 2019  

Today's Christmas Eve , and to anyone of our dear readers and customers reading this- have yourself a very merry Christmas! If you're going to be travelling for quite the distance this festive season, we urge that you stay safe and keep a very alert mind and body. It is the season for mirth and merrymaking after all, and everyone isn't up to speed when it comes to their driving. Make sure that you're travelling safe this season and if you can limit the amount of travelling, do so. According to last year's news, we've seen tons of accidents leading to fatalities during the Christmas season. It's supposed to be a very happy time for all, but due to the neglig... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 23 December 2019  

Great news guys- we did it! This year, we were able to save up $1300 AUD for Make-A-Wish Australia ! With every purchase of a car DVD player, dash cam or security camera, we took a little bit of that and put it towards this fund that we sent over to the lovely people at Make-A-Wish. Thanks for sharing your blessings with us, and thanks for letting us give back! Christmas truly is for the kids, and we’re only glad we could help bring all your love and care to them. We can only imagine how much fun and happiness that small amount provided to the kids that Make-A-Wish supports - and it’s all thanks to you, our dear readers and customers. We hope we can continue to help and give a merry christmas to the kids that Make-A-Wish supports, so lets do it again next year! ... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 20 December 2019  

There’s been a series of security camera hacking recently, and it’s a little disturbing, to say the least. If you’ve noticed, this week we’ve created a short infographic covering the bare basics, but we here at Elinz believe in absolute security- so here’s a quick guide detailing the steps on how you can secure your security cameras against any possible breach. The victims- regular homeowners, and small children were subjected to sudden video-feed hijacking from hackers online. Since some cameras offer a two-way intercom, the hackers were also able to hijack the audio on the camera, sayi... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 19 December 2019  

The holidays are here, but you’d do well to remember that not everyone’s out to play nice- some are out being naughty even during this festive season. ... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 18 December 2019  

Hey there! Christmas is fast approaching and if you haven’t gone shopping yet- you’d better get that all sorted out soon! But if you’re having problems even with just ideas, we can help with that! Electronics are great items for gift-giving that last quite a long time, and they’re very practical gifts to give. Here are some ideas related to electronics to make whoever you’re giving it to very happy to christmas season. For kids : We’ve got a bunch in store for kids here at Elinz! I know we’re barely at a loss when thinking of ideas for gift-giving with kids, but consider the following gifts this Christmas for your kids: Action cameras... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 17 December 2019  

Security can be a very tricky thing to handle, and that's not a secret at all. On top of considering so many different avenues of entry and exit for surveillance, you'd also have to think if your security gear are secure in and of themselves. Here at Elinz, we pride ourselves in quality equipment at an inexpensive price,and we'd like to assure everyone that all our security cameras are safe to use. In light of recent events related to security cameras being hacked, we've thought of creating a quick guide for all of you on how to secure your security cameras that can connect to the internet: There you have it! Stay tuned for more information on how you c... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 16 December 2019  

Are roads getting more dangerous these days ? That's a question on every driver's mind. But the more important question is are you contributing to making it safer ? Or are you contributing to the problem? Every driver should question themselves of that, and make sure that they're not only being pleasant or courteous, but th... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 13 December 2019  

Welcome again to our weekly "You Ask, Elinz Answers", where we scour the internet for some frequently asked questions about dash cams, reversing cameras and other electronic gadgets! Recently, we've been receiving a ton of dash cam & security camera related questions. We've seen some interesting answers that involve CCTVs, IP security cameras, and a lot more. Do read on if you'd like to learn more about the most common questions that people out there might have. On to the questions! ... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 12 December 2019  

If you've noticed recently, we have been inundated with news about bushfires happening in various areas of the country. It is indeed, scary and sobering, with some experts saying that we are having some of the most unprecedented bushfires for all of history , in more ways than one. If you'll notice, Sydney has been seeing some huge amounts of smoke that are quite unhealthy to be exposed to, to say the least. It's been weeks of that, with bushfires being the main culprit. We here at Elinz are huge safety advocates- especially since a lot of our gear relates to safety and security. And even though the holiday season is fast approaching, we believe in preparedness and awarenes... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 11 December 2019  

There are tons of reasons for getting an Android Car DVD player. With new laws in effect in NSW regarding cellphone usage while driving and just overall general safety, now is the best time to get one. And while we do know that it can be a little expensive, we here at Elinz think it's a worthwhile investment that you should look into. Here are some reasons why: Reason #1: Safety Plenty of people claim that they're fine texting while driving. They've got a handle on it, and never have they ever been in an accident all their lives- after all, they've been doing it for years, probably ever since the mobile phone came out! But you just know that tha... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 11 December 2019  

Drones are super-fun . Anyone who's tried one can agree, but they can be quite a bit to handle. Here are some of our tips here at Elinz to using drones safely! So whether you have a quadcopter or any kind of drone there is out there, refer to this guide to operate the drone safely. If you're looking for great drones, look no further than Elinz! Get it all here, and purchase one today for a 5% off on all these items . ... continue reading

Author: John D.   Date Posted: 10 December 2019  

Don’t miss this awesome deal today ! as part of our 12 days of christmas special offer, we’re taking 5% off on all LED light bar purchases today. ... continue reading