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Author: John D   Date Posted: 3 September 2020  

Hey there! We’re nearing the end of the week and we hope you’re having an easy time of it so far. Recently, we’ve been receiving quite a lot of questions over on our Quora feed about IP security cameras and one question always popped up: what makes an IP security camera better than other security cameras? ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 2 September 2020  

Picture this: you're out running errands, or you've just made it home and you've just parked your car. Everything is well and you didn't bump into too many people today in the stores, so that's one less thing to worry about regarding COVID-19. Only when you leave the store or when you're about to head out in the morning, someone has messed with your car. They might have taken a gadget or two, or worse - they might have taken the car altogether! To call that a nightmare is a massive understatement, and we don't want that happening to anyone. We here at Elinz are big security nerds and we thought we'd come up with a short, simple and easy to remember graphic guide for everyone during these rough times. Check it out below: ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 1 September 2020  

These are some extremely crazy times that we’re living in, to say the least. For a lot of us, it can be particularly challenging to get up and get out of bed on a daily basis, let alone get to work if you’re working from home like us. ... continue reading

Author: John   Date Posted: 31 August 2020  

Happy Monday, everybody! We hope you’re all doing well in quarantine... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 27 August 2020  

Hey there! Father’s Day is coming up, and we hope you’re getting ready for Father’s Day on the 6th of next month. If you haven’t prepped up yet for celebrating one of the most special and perhaps the most important man in your life, don’t worry - we’ve got a few ideas for you here today on the Elinz blog. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 26 August 2020  

Hey there! It's Wednesday, and we hope you're all doing great. Today, we're featuring our "You Ask, Elinz Answers" most frequently asked questions dealing with driving, dash cams, security cameras and just general questions about safety. We though it would be great if we could compile a guide with these FAQs, with short, succinct answers for all of you - and here it is! Looking for the items mentioned above? Here are links to our webstore where you can get these items: Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems/TPMS - get one to monitor your tyre's inflation and make sure that you're... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 25 August 2020  

Hey there! We hope you’re having a good day so far and we’re about to make it better - we’ve got a big sale up and running right now for our big Father’s day special. For all purchases on the store, get 5% off on checkout. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 21 August 2020  

To say that these times are stressful is quite the understatement of the century. COVID-19 has caused the world so much trouble, to say the least, and has taken the lives of so many people all over the world. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 19 August 2020  

Recently, we've gathered input from cybersecurity experts from various agencies all over AU, and we asked them how you can best protect your IP (Internet Protocol) security cameras, what to avoid when using them and some general tips for overall safety against hackers or breachers. And there's not better time than the present to secure your security cameras that can connect to the internet - if you're like us and you're in VIC where lockdowns are still in effect, you'll need to make sure that no one is spying on you and your family. If you'd like to read the full article, follow this link. Otherwise, read on for the condensed and graphic version of our interview with these cybersecurity experts: ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 18 August 2020  

Hey there! We’ve got a great surprise for you today - we have three new additions to our product line, namely two reverse cameras perfect for any kind of vehicle, and a brand new addition to home technology line- a brand new handheld vacuum cleaner. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 17 August 2020  

Hey there team. We hope you’re having a good Monday so far, despite all the doom and gloom that we’ve been seeing in the news lately. Besides the small glimmer of hope that cases are slowing down and lessening day by day, here’s a little something that might help make your day a little bit brighter - some of our best products that have recently sold out are now back in stock. ... continue reading

Author: John D   Date Posted: 14 August 2020  

It’s another fine Friday today, and we're slowly but surely seeing better news day by day as cases for COVID-19 continue to lessen in Victoria and we’re seeing trends that seem to show that we’re in for recovery, even though there are still hundreds infected. ... continue reading