Elinz Parking Ultrasonic Sensor Kit Reversing System Truck Trailer Car Buzzer Alarm

LED Display~0m—2.5m Alarm Distance~IP67~10M 4PIN Cable

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ultrasonic sensor kit

Parking Ultrasonic Sensor Kit Reversing System Truck Trailer Car Buzzer Alarm


Product Details

ultrasonic sensors installed on back of truck ultrasonic sensor installed with caption "easy to install" LED display for ultrasonic sensor images of trucks, with caption "works on 12v/24v vehicles" sensors being assembled with caption "superior quality materials" truck reversing, with caption "increases safety" distance and sound diagram from ultrasonic sensors truck in rain with caption "waterproof IP67" caravans, trucks, trailers and boat trailers with caption "applications" wiring diagram for ultrasonic sensor kit sensor kit, sensors and lcd indicator dimensions cables, sensor box, lcd indicator, ultrasonic sensors with caption "what's included"

More Information

Keeping yourselves safe on the road is your intimate goal aside from reaching your destination. Driving large vehicles like trucks, trailers and buses is not easy specially when parking. Aside from installing a reversing camera, it would be really be helpful to have a parking sensor kit too.

This parking ultrasonic sensor kit uses double CPU and advanced chipset for enhance coverage and detection. It has a response distance of 0.3m to 2.5m with different range distance alarm.

To conveniently detect the alarm distance, it also comes with a LED display with buzzer that is composed of 3 colours green, yellow and red, which shows the distance between the obstacles (2.5m to 0m).

To conveniently install on trucks and trailers it comes with 10M 4PIN AV Cable and a hole saw. You can have a peace of mind in using this product as it is designed with high quality components to prevent from overheating or overloading. Sensor connectors and main control box are rated IP67 waterproof.

Truck, Trailers and larger vehicle drivers or owners this will be a helpful device for your vehicles for added safety and convenience.

Product Highlights

  • LED DISPLAY with Buzzer
    • This truck reverse parking system is equipped with coloured LED digital display, with 3 colours: green, yellow and red, which indicates the distance between the hurdles (2.5m to 0m).
    • With Left and right obstacle indication and works automatically when reversing.
  • 4 Ultrasonic Sensors
    • Equipped with 4 sensor system installed at the rear bumper of trucks or trailers
    • Double CPU and advanced chipset for enhanced coverage and detection
  • Increases Safety
    • This truck reverse parking system helps to provide improved safety for truckers, pedestrians and family members who happen to be around the moving vehicle.
    • The radar system can detect small children and low walls as well.
  • Superior Quality Materials
    • Made from superior quality materials to ensure durability and long life. The radar system is designed with protective circuits and high quality components to prevent the product from overheating or overloading
  • IP67 Waterproof
    • Sensor connectors and main control box (Radar Host)
  • 10M 4PIN AV Cable
    • Long cable designed for trucks and trailers, can use additional 10m cable for longer trucks
  • Easy to Install

Product Specifications

  • Voltage: 9DCV-28DCV
  • Rated Voltage: 12-24DCV
  • Power Cost Max: 1W
  • Respond Distance: 0.3m—2.5m
  • Alarm Distance: 0m—2.5m
  • Display Mode: LED Display
  • Sensor Diameter: 22mm
  • Install Mode: Drill
  • Sensor angle: X, Y, 60 °C
  • Work temperature -30°C~+80 °C
  • Alarm type Buzzer (Bi Bi…)
  • Alarm Volume: 65dB
  • Range Distance Alarm
    • 1.6m~2.5m Mute
    • 1.0m~1.5m Bi------Bi------
    • 0.4m~0.9m Bi---Bi---Bi---
    • 0.1m~0.3m BiBiBiBiBi—

What's Included

  • 1x Main Control Box(Radar Host)
  • 1x LCD Display Indicator
  • 4x Ultrasonic Sensors with 2.5 line
  • 1x 4PIN 10M Cable
  • 1x Hole Saw

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