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Hard Wire Kit Cable DVR Charger for Car Dash Cam Camera Recorder Vehicle 12V 24V


Product Details

dash cam open with caption "permanent power for dash cam" trucks and cars with caption compatible for 12-24V DC Standard USB mini adapter image open from car with caption, "record video evidence for future use" cable kit for dash cam with caption "what's included"

More Information

Hard Wire Kit Cable is a power cable that allows you to connect your dash cam to the car battery so it can still record though the car is at parking. This power cable uses standard mini USB adapter and Compatible with 12-24V DC cars, vans and trucks.

Product Highlights

  • Hardwire your Dash cam to your battery
    • Make full use of your camera’s parking mode by getting permanent power from your car battery.
    • No need for cable from car socket, replace it with a permanent hidden cable
  • Support continuous video recording when the vehicle is parked
  • Standard Mini USB adapter to connect to your dash cam
  • Easy to install, fast plug & play
    • You can install in minutes and does not require electrical expertise.
  • Compatible with 12-24V DC cars, vans and trucks
  • Avoid your battery from being drained by dash cam
    • When the car power supply voltage drops to 11.6V it automatically turn off the camera

Note: If you don't have any electrical background please contact a professional to avoid unwanted circumstances.

What's Included

  • 1x Cable Kit for Dashcam

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