Elinz 9" Splitscreen Monitor Reversing Camera Colour 4PIN CCD IR LED Rearview 12V/24V


9 inch Splitscreen Monitor Reversing Camera
9 inch Splitscreen Large Quad Screen Monitor

Large Quad Screen Monitor

  • 9" Quad screen that can be divided into 1, 2 or 4 demo screen
Splitscreen Monitor Sunshade Design

Sunshade Design

  • Protection from sun raises to be able to view video clearly.
9 inch Splitscreen Heavy Duty Camera

Heavy Duty Camera

  • 120° CCD image sensor made by SHARP company
600TVL Camera Reversing Camera

600TVL Camera

  • Higher Resolution & Clearer Images
  • 18 Built-in IR LED
No need to connect power cable to camera

No need to connect power cable to camera

  • 4 PIN connector allowing the monitor to power up cameras.
Reversing Camera Built-in Speaker

Built-in Speaker

  • Audio can be heard on monitor speaker
Quad or Splitscreen monitor

Quad or Splitscreen

  • Different demo screens can be displayed at the same time
Splitscreen Monitor Wiring Labels

Wiring Labels

Splitscreen Monitor Dimensions

Product Dimensions

Camera Dimensions


  • * No Batteries Included


This 9" splitscreen colour rearview monitor is ideal for large vehicle where viewing for more than one camera at the same time is essential. It is recommended for buses, trucks and heavy equipment vehicles

This monitor offers the ability to show the images of four cameras at once on the screen. Power to the cameras is provided directly from the monitor. These can be used on both 12V or 24V vehicles.

This system only includes 1 pc or reversing camera, extra reversing cameras and cables are sold separately.


  • Built-in quad control box function, support up to four cameras (this package comes with 1 camera only)
  • 4 Ways AV input
    • The camera can be applied at the front, corner and /or back of the vehicle you can view one camera while driving and a second camera will turn on automatically when reversing , or have all 4 camera's showing at the same time, can be divided into 1, 2, 3 or 4 demo screen.
    • The display with 4 video frequency input (CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4)
    • Can be divided into 1, 2, 3 or 4 demo screen
    • Can supply wide view angle of right, left and behind area
    • 4 way video input
    • 1 way audio input for V1
    • 4 video display for reversing (front, rear,left, right)
  • 9" Colour TFT-LCD wide screen
  • Resolution: 800x480 pixels high definition
  • Professional advanced 2x10m 4 Pin Cable with connector
    • No need another power wire for camera
    • Advanced 4PIN cable allowing monitor to power up camera
  • Built-in speaker
    • Can hear sound from DVD/MP3/MP4
  • Suitable with 12V/24V power supply
    • Ideal for regular 12V car battery or heavy duty 24V truck
  • Industrial Grade Heavy Duty IR Night Vision Colour CCD Camera
  • High resolution image
    • 120 degree wide field of view CCD cameras
    • 18 built in IR LED
    • CCD image sensor made by SHARP company
  • Automatic night vision distance at 10 metres
  • Capability constructed of a metal alloy shell to withstand vehicle shock & vibration
  • Weather, shock and water resistant rated IP67/IP68
    • High rating making it very durable and suitable in all environments
    • Hard metal cased, waterproof and mudproof
    • Heavy duty adjustable mounting bracket
  • The image can be rotated up and down , left and right
  • This is very handy so you can mount monitor up side and down or even sideways and still see the image the right way around.
  • Sunshade design around


  • 9 inch TFT LCD monitor
  • 16:9 wide screen display
  • System: PAL & NTSC auto-switching
  • Waterproof rate: IP67/IP68
  • Power supply : 12V/24V compatible
  • Operating voltage : 12-24V using power supply box
  • Automatic switching with trigger/manual switcher


1. 1x 9" Monitor with Sunshade

2. 1x User Manual

3. 1x Power Harness

4. 1x Remote Controller Batteries not included

5. 1x Reversing camera

6. 1x 10M 4PIN cables

7. 1x RCA to 4PIN Plug

Splitscreen Monitor What's Included

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