6 inch 2x 18W LED LIGHT BAR Flood Daytime Running LIGHT Work Light OFFROAD 4WD BOAT UTE

30,000 hours~Flood Beam~IP67~Diecast Aluminium

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This sale is for 2x 18W Led light bars

Our new 6 inch LED Light bar is a great add-on for your vehicle in order to provide you with a maximum clear bright light during your travels at night. It’s able to consume less energy and provides a bright light with an output of 1,150 lumens. Its bulbs are placed in a remarkable design in order to provide you with a great flood beam, which covers a huge area in front of your vehicle.

Its features include an IPV67 rating making it unaffected during heavy rainfall or flood water. It’s also made of strong alloy diecast with polycarbonate lenses, which makes this product almost indestructible and will definitely outperform any other product in the market.

  1. The flood style beam illumination provide more dense, further reaching light.
  2. Wide operating voltage range 10-30DC: it can apply to different types of trucks, off-road vehicles, 4x4, military, mining, boating, farming, heavy equipment etc.
  3. The light output of these LED light bar is simply phenomenal, they produce a mass of clean white daylight (6500k), free of artifacts and focus dead spots. They light the entire forward viewing area, giving greater visibility without eye fatigue.
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These lamps are fully sealed, tested with high pressure water machine, making them IP67 Rated, 100% waterproof and made of a strong alloy diecast with a polycarbonate lense making them pretty much indestructable and like no other on the market.

M/Volt to offer same high light output across the voltage range of 10-32v meaning can be connected to a 12v vehicle or a 24v vehicle with same light results. Also now all new light bars are polarity protected meaning if connected in reverse by accident this wont fail the lamp.


Offroad vehicle, ATVs, SUV, truck, engineering vehicles (excavator, treedozer, road roller, bulldozer, crane and mining truck etc.). special vehicle (fire engine, police cars, rescue vehicle, communication vehicle, military command vehicle) forklift, trains, boat, bus

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Happy with the service

By: on 13 April 2016

I thought I could make it on m vacation with a new work light but it happened thanks to Elinz.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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