5% OFF: All LED Lights Here At Elinz

Author: John D.   Date Posted:10 December 2019 

Don’t miss this awesome deal today! as part of our 12 days of christmas special offer, we’re taking 5% off on all LED light bar purchases today.


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And you really shouldn’t miss out our Cosmoblaze deal- be among the first few to get some laser driving lights, with perhaps one of the strongest light outputs out there in the market. See for yourself here:


laser light in rain

LED light bars and driving lights are excellent lighting tools, as they are the best lighting solution possible. They’re incredibly energy efficient, so much more so than any other lighting source out there making it the best option for your wallet and the environment.


Don’t believe us? Here’s a TED talk exploring the efficiency of LED lights, how its the best for any kind of situation that needs lighting, and why you should be using one instead of any other light source.


There’s a good reason why many countries all over the world support the use of LED lights. It just makes perfect sense to use a more efficient light source. So if you still have some incandescent light sources, or you’re just looking to upgrade your LED lights, look no further than Elinz today. Don’t forget those codes to get the best bang out of your buck!


And LEDs aren’t just for homes- they’re really great for mobile situations such as cars and even on your person. Here are the best applications of LED light bars that you might want to try out:


Work lights. Mount on any kind of vehicle, plug it up to a viable power source and you’ve got yourself a completely power efficient light source that won’t drain your battery, and will provide a steady stream of reliable light.  


Perfect for people that work at night with heavy machinery, this brings complete safety and efficiency to the workplace.




Off roading. Perfect for dawns, dusks and nights on the offr-oad trail, 4x4 off-road enthusiasts shouldn’t leave home without it. See every single detail when you’re out braving the trails in your rig with our LED lights, whether mounted in bars or on your actual headlights.




Camping/trekking. There are mobile LED light bars that you can bring along when camping or trekking. Best yet, if you own a caravan traler, mount your LED light bars outside it and you should be ready to accommodate guests into your motor home!


Alternatively, you can mount some LED light strips into your tent when camping overnight. It should make for complete safety and visibility when you’re chilling out after a long day of hiking.


night camping


There are tons more of usage with LED lights. With the durability and reliability that we offer here at Elinz, such as high-quality waterproofing, average of thousands of hours life/usage, and heat venting, you can be sure that you’re buying quality.


Visit us today on our listings for LED lights and get the best quality LED lights here at Elinz!


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