The Monthly Dash Cam Video Compilations

Author: Elinz GD  

This year, Elinz started to compile videos which were recorded using dash cams. We, for our part, post it on the Internet for the public to view. Since we started this online activity this year, it has helped the vehicle owners to realise the importance of a dash camera in their car.

The videos we post online show how dash cams work. Through this compilation, we are able to show the seriousness of the occurrences of accidents and other untoward incidents that hit the road every day. Therefore, these car cameras we offer at Elinz are important because they can be used as accessories during investigations of the emergency occurrences. We have different kinds of dash cameras. If you want to see the featured videos of the month, you can all find them in our playlist which you can locate on our website. Watch them and if you donít have any of the dash cameras yet, youíll surely find the one that suits your preference and needs for your vehicles.

Feel free to send us videos captured from your Dash cams and help raise awareness to people on why they should get a reliable Dash camera for their vehicles. You can simply email your videos to or contact us at 1300 881 773 if you have questions.

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