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Health & Wellness

The COVID-19 pandemic has left us a very valuable lesson, which is to always keep ourselves and our surroundings clean and properly sanitised. Here at Elinz, aside from providing our dear customers with their home and car electronic needs, one of our priorities is to provide devices or items that will help prevent the spread of the virus especially that wearing of face masks is not already mandatory nowadays.


All our items are packed securely and sanitised for your protection. We ensure that with every purchase, you’ll be getting quality items that are sure to protect your home at a fair price point.


Here are some of the items that we’re offering here:


Forehead thermometers

Intervention and prevention are always better than cure. Whether you’re showing symptoms, or if you’d like to simply monitor your family’s health whenever you’d like, a quick read forehead thermometer is absolutely necessary.


If you run a business and would like your workforce to maintain a safe working environment, having some forehead thermometers helps you intervene without endangering your entire workforce. For homeowners, it helps you monitor your family’s health in no time at all, and will help you make the decisions to contact your healthcare professional in a timely manner.


With fever being one of the most prominent COVID-19 symptoms, a forehead thermometer helps with early intervention and prevention of further infection.


Is an ear or a forehead thermometer better?


These days, social distancing is the best way to avoid COVID-19. Rather than physically coming close just to read someone’s temperature with an ear thermometer, a forehead thermometer will allow you to distance yourself without sacrificing accuracy. 


Touchless Liquid Soap Dispenser

Contact-free devices are the trend nowadays to secure that the spread of germs and viruses will be limited. One essential hygiene to keep ourselves away from infection is handwashing, and having a touchless soap dispenser will be a great thing to do to avoid contact and have safer environment. Elinz Liquid Soap Dispenser is also suitable for hand sanitizer, hand liquid soap, dishwashing liquid soap or hand body lotion.


Stay safe and shop from the comfort of your home today with Elinz.