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Here at Elinz, we understand that it’s a little difficult to get items to avoid the COVID-19 these days. Besides the danger of going out and the risk of contracting the coronavirus, supplies can be a bit scarce for face masks, thermometers, and sanitizers.


For a limited time, we’ll be offering these items for sale here at Elinz. All our items are packed securely and sanitized for your protection. We ensure that with every purchase, you’ll be getting quality items that are sure to protect your home at a fair price point.


Here are some of the items that we’re offering here:


Forehead thermometers

Intervention and prevention are always better than cure. Whether you’re showing symptoms, or if you’d like to simply monitor your family’s health whenever you’d like, a quick read forehead thermometer is absolutely necessary.


If you run a business and you’re still working out how to shift your workforce to a safer working situation, having some forehead thermometers helps you intervene without endangering your entire workforce. For homeowners, it helps you monitor your family’s health in no time at all, and will help you make the decisions to contact your healthcare professional in a timely manner.

With fever being one of the most prominent COVID-19 symptoms, a thermometer helps with early intervention and prevention of further infection.


Is an ear or a forehead thermometer better?


These days, social distancing is the best way to avoid COVID-19. Rather than physically coming close just to read someone’s temperature with an ear thermometer, a forehead thermometer will allow you to distance yourself without sacrificing accuracy. 


Face Masks

COVID-19 transmits from person to person via droplets, and travels along the respiratory system to create a full-blown infection. One of the best ways to prevent that is to wear a face mask.


Do face masks work/do surgical face masks filter viruses?


It’s also important that we need to act as if we were all infected with it- this helps curb the spread of the virus. In the event that you were infected, this will prevent it from spreading further. If you’re trying to avoid getting yourself infected, the face masks act as a shield against droplets that might carry the coronavirus.


Droplets are particularly invisible to the human eye for the most part, and having a shield for an invisible enemy that is the COVID-19 is paramount to staying healthy during these times.


We have face masks for the coronavirus specifically, and we ensure their effectiveness here at Elinz. With the virus being especially highly transmissible disease, it’s the best option for protecting yourself in this day and age besides washing your hands and social distancing


This is perfect for healthcare professionals, and even for those just staying at home making the occasional trip to procure supplies.


Stay safe and shop from the comfort of your home today with Elinz. If you’re a healthcare professional or if you’re part of a healthcare organization do let us know and we’d be happy to help out with a discount!


For health care workers, we are offering a 10% discount on the above products. To learn more on how to avail of the discount, you may click here. You may also contact our customer service team for assistance.


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