What's In a Name? A Short Trivia on DJAZZ Car DVD Player

Author: Jeffrey R.  

When you see or hear the word "jazz," what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A genre of music with varying sub-genres but you enjoy immensely? Something cool and awesome? Or perhaps something that makes you feel relaxed yet thoroughly entertained? Now how about you attach the word "jazz" to one of Elinz Electronics' latest products?
Introducing: DJAZZ, one of Elinz Electronics' top of the line in dash car DVD players. You're probably wondering where this electronic device got its quirky name and why its name bears resemblance to the timeless music genre. Well, here's a quick trivia. Both jazz the music genre and DJAZZ the double DIN car DVD player share many traits. What makes them similar, you ask? Well, read on to find out.
As mentioned earlier, Jazz, which originated at the turn of 20th century, has many sub-genres or styles. They include soul jazz, cool jazz, and ska jazz among others. Jazz cannot be defined by a single style of music. In short, it comes in many forms. DJAZZ, on the other hand, isn't just a car DVD player. It has many features and capabilities that you won't easily find in a similar device. See where jazz and DJAZZ are similar?
Aside from playing DVDs, DJAZZ supports the playing of other media files and formats, including VCD, CD, MP5, FLV, MP3, MP4, and DivX among others. It also comes with the virtual CD function that lets you record music from CDs into a USB flash drive. And if you simply want to hear the latest Top 40 songs on the radio, DJAZZ has a radio tuner, too. You can simply turn on the radio in case you don't want to watch your favourite movies on the device.
Like the music genre, DJAZZ is filled with many surprises. Just take a look at this feature. Aside from the fact that it can play numerous media formats and has a radio tuner, it supports the playing and charging of iPhone and iPod. It also has Bluetooth connectivity with A2DP, allowing you to wirelessly listen to music stored in your mobile phone.
If you think the resemblance between jazz the music genre and DJAZZ the car DVD player ends there, you're sadly mistaken. If you like jazz, then you know how delightful and fulfilling listening to this type of music is. In a similar fashion, DJAZZ is a delight to use. You can personalise the unit and choose among 7 colours, various wallpapers, and logos you can use for the display panel. DJAZZ can also be connected to a reversing camera.
DJAZZ makes your car  look cool without burning your budget, it does not have GPS, so the price is cheaper. DJAZZ is indeed a worthy investment to make if you want an all-in-one multimedia player for your vehicle. Choosing this product is like enjoying a type of music that comes in many forms and styles, which is why Elinz Electronics chose a perfect and fitting name for DJAZZ. So if you want a multimedia device that offers style, versatility, and reliability, DJAZZ is the name to look for.