Gaming controllers are traditionally crafted to accommodate a broad spectrum of hand sizes, ensuring both kids and adults can wield them comfortably. Yet, this one-size-fits-all approach presents challenges, as shorter analog sticks intended for youngsters can hinder precision in intense gaming scenarios for grown-ups. To address this issue, we've developed two distinct sets of thumb grips. These innovative accessories cater to diverse age groups, offering enhanced control and accuracy during gaming sessions, empowering players of all ages to elevate their gaming experience.

  • Three distinct designs tailored for diverse gaming requirements:
    • Skin Grip: Maintains the original control feel.
    • CQC Elite: Adds +3 mm in height and +20% radius.
    • FPS Master: Offers +7 mm height and +42% radius.
  • Enhanced control precision achieved through expanded joystick radius.
  • Superior protection for the original joystick caps, guarding against corrosion and wear.
  • Utilizes a unique "grippy" material to increase friction, boosting sensitivity and elevating your gaming immersion.


  • SKIN GRIP - ultra-thin, maintaining the original sense of control, and protecting the analog sticks from abrasion and corrosion.
  • CQC Elite - provides gamers with accurate control, increasing analog stick height by 3 mm and 20% in active radius.
  • FPS MASTER - provides more accurate control by increasing analog stick height by 7 mm and 42% in active radius, which means gamers have an extra 20% or 42% room for refined control, lowering the possibility of over-steering.

You are able to make your own combination that suits your style. The CQC on the left and FPS on the right stick enhance the control of direction and aiming. You will be surprised how terrific these thumb grips are!


  • The Thumb Grip Set is made of TPE material which is non-capacitive.
  • When you find thumb grips become greasy, please remove them and clean them with detergent.

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