One dock, for two consoles - detachable Core Drive works with both Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch OG and OLED.

  • High-resolution output - supports up to 4K@60Hz.
  • Modular design - cable, cover, & Core Drive, all detachable.
  • Incomparable portability - pocket-size Core Drive for on the go.
  • Compatible with protective cases - no need to remove the case when docking.
  • Hook up most electronic devices - the Core Drive in this device can be used as a USB hub, providing one HDMI 2.0b, and three USB 3.0 ports (only in this Pro version).
  • Max 10W power output
  • up to 5Gbps
  • Well-ventilated backrest - does not block airflow, no overheating.
  • Controller mode - use your Deck as a controller while enjoying a bigger screen.

*Dock Shell cannot connect any peripherals without the Core Drive.
*SteamDock is suitable for cases less than 2.5mm thick without a kickstand.

Unlock ROG Ally's 30W turbo mode with an original ROG Ally adapter (not included) and other ≥65W AC adapters (not included) by updating SteamDock Pro/ Core Drive Pro to Firmware version HV30-FV20

Firmware update:


HV30-FV12: Default Version.
HV30-FV13: Compatible with HUAWEI PD protocol.
HV30-FV14: Test version (Not recommended)
HV30-FV15: 8BitDo Version, no need to unplug the 8BitDo Bluetooth adapter every time you wake up your SWITCH.
HV30-FV16: For new hardware with "FV-16" printed on the side of the Core Drive or "M20" printed around the USB-C.
HV30-FV17: Beta Version. Please do not install this firmware.
HV300FV18: Enables Core Drive to output SWITCH TV Mode with a 9V charger (Only for new hardware with "FV-16" printed on the Core Drive or "M20" printed around the USB-C).
HV30-FV19: Solves the issue of the USB 3.0 not reading hard disk or USB flash disk when connecting to some Android phones or tablets
1. A few Android devices may not be able to provide normal working current of the portable hard drive thus cannot be read.
2. You need to turn on the OTG of the device
HV30-FV20: Adapts ROG Ally to 30W turbo mode.

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