Skull & Co. GripCase Set for Nintendo Switch Inclusions:

- A GripCase
- A pair of PlusGrip (Neon Red/Blue)
- A pair of SnapGrip (Neon Red/Blue)
- A pair of TriggerGrip (Neon Red/Blue)
- A MaxCarry Case (Black)


Replaceable grips to fit all hand sizes


Made of soft TPU materials providing solid protection

The GripCase is made of soft TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) material. It will not scratch your Nintendo Switch like the hard plastic does.

Easy to put on and remove

The GripCase is easy to put on and remove, convenient for gamers to take the case off when they intend to switch between different gaming modes.

Includes three types of replaceable grips

Each GripCase Set comes with three sets of Grips - A pair of SnapGrips, TriggerGrips, and PlusGrips. The SnapGrip is a basic set for most players and games. The TriggerGrip provides stronger grip force, it is designed for players with bigger hands and play hardcore games very often. The PlusGrip is designed for massive-hands players.

Textured Surface

Both grip sets are made of hard PC (polycarbonate) with texture on the surface, which gives players a similar feeling of holding a XB1 or PS4 joy-con.

Enlarged ZL/ZR buttons for a better gaming experience


MaxCarry hard shell carrying case:


Huge Storage Space:

MaxCarry Case
Fit a power bank, adaptor, USB cable, headset, game cards, joy-con grips and even a 3DS LX!

Mesh Pocket Upgrade:

You are able to put small stuff in the mesh pocket without falling. We also upgraded its material, using the 3-layer sandwich mesh instead of the 1 layer mesh. The sandwich mesh is 1mm thick, has 2 mesh layers with a sponge layer in the middle, which provides great protection to your console.

Two sawtooth rails:

Using the sawtooth rails, the carrying case can be used as a stand for tabletop mode.



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