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• Pure Sine Wave Output
• 2000w Peak Power
• Low Voltage Input Protection
• High Voltage Input Protection
• Australian-standard power point
• Low-battery safety shutdown
• Short-circuit protection
• Overload, over-voltage, overheat protection
• Thermal Protection
• Output overloading protection
Our Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter bears the C-Tick Mark, which is a clear testament to its quality and reliability. For those who didn't know, the C-Tick is an identification trademark registered to the Australian Communications Media Authority or ACMA. An electronic device that bears the mark simply means that it complies with the applicable electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements set by the ACMA. The C-Tick mark also signifies that the electronic device is being sold legally in Australia.

If you purchase our Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter, you can get the assurance that our product has passed all the necessary tests and has been approved by industry experts. It is definitely safe to use as it conforms to all Australian EMC regulatory arrangements.  If you are looking  for a wide selection of Pure Sine wave Inverters from 12V – 240V Inverters to 24V – 240V Inverters, we got it here.

High Efficiency

dimension 3000w inverters

Pure Sine Wave Output Wave Form

dimension 3000w inverters

Maximum Continuous Power : 1000W

dimension 3000w inverters


pure sine wave inverter dimension

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1000W
The High Performance Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is your affordable necessity without sacrificing performance. The quiet running, robust, and reliable power converter connects standard Australian 3 pin electrical devices of up to 2000w to a 12v vehicle battery. It delivers maximum 2000w output and is able to maintain continuous 1000w effortlessly. The Pure Since Wave allows you to enjoy a clean and powerful AC source completely free from signal interference. You can run high powered devices such as computers, microwaves and TVs from your car, four wheel drive (4WD), truck, caravan, and boat battery. The nicely compact unit can be easily store in your boot or under the seat. You are guaranteed to experience the top range in the market giving you a complete peace of mind. Place your order today!

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Why Choose Pure sine Wave?

It is often called "true" sine wave. It produces a smooth, flowing rhythm of AC electricity. This type of power output is more or less what you get in your home and it is what most household appliances are designed to run on. the consistent flow of electricity enables the PSW to provide better protection for the inner circuitry and microprocessor of electronic devices, thus, helping minimize the risk of your appliances overheating.
Guidelines in choosing the right Inverters
1. Identify the appliance that you are planning to use the inverters.
2. Check the voltage of your appliance.
3. Check the starting power of the appliance based on the table provided below.
4. After checking Appliance voltage and Starting Power, do the computation to be able to identify the right inverters for you.
5. Computation formula: appliance voltage x starting power = Peak Power of appropriate Inverters
6. Example Computation:
  Appliance: TV
  Voltage: 1000w
  Starting Power: 3-4 times
  a. 1000w (appliance voltage) x 3 (starting power) = 3000w Peak Power of appropriate inverters
  • This shows that 1500w Inverters will work for your appliance because this inverter has a peak power of 3000w.
  b. 1000w (appliance voltage) x 4 (starting power) = 4000w Peak Power of appropriate inverters
  • This shows 2000w Inverters will work for your appliance because this inverter has a peak power of 4000w.
So what's the Inverter that fits your needs?
  • The Inverters with higher Peak Power is the one recommended for you.
  • Based on the example, 2000w Inverters is the right one to buy to make sure it will work on your appliance.
Appliance Starting power
LED Light 3-4 times
Refrigerator 3-7 times
Microwave 1.5-2 times
TV 3-4 times
Fan 3 times
Computer 1.5-2 times
Air-condition 3-7 times
Water Pump 3-7 times
Drill 2 times
Coffee Machine 3-7 times
Cleaner 2 times
Electric Hair Drier 1.5-2 times

** If you need assistance in choosing the right inverters for your appliance
feel free to contact us anytime 1300 881 773 or email us at sales@elinz.com.au

Elinz Electronics is not liable or responsible for any damage caused by any misuse or negligence in using our products. Products provided have specifications on proper way of using them.If in any case , it is used and caused damage to property, the owner have sole liability on the situation.

Elinz Electronics is always here to assist you if you need guidance. Feel free to contact us.
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1. Can you use the power inverter in other types of vehicles?
As long as you have a 12v vehicle, whether it's a car, a boat, or a caravan, you can use the power inverter to convert DC power to standard household AC power.
2. Will the unit get extremely hot when converting electricity?
The power inverter has a built-in exhaust system to disperse heat while the unit is in use, thus, helping prevent overheating.
3. How efficient is this unit?
This power inverter has an efficiency rating of more than 80%. It can produce a maximum peak power of 2000 watts and consistently maintain a continuous power output of 1000 watts.
Average Customer Rating For Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1000W / 2000W 12V - 240V AUS Plug Car Boat Caravan:
Rating: 5

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Elinz 1000w Inverter

By: on 27 September 2017

Very happy with the Elinz 1000w inverter.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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