Feel a New Reality
Immerse yourself in worlds that look, sound, and feel incredibly real as virtual reality gaming takes a significant generational leap forward with PlayStation® VR2.


Immerse yourself in stunning 4K HDR visuals4 in compatible games, featuring a vast 110º field of view and state-of-the-art graphical rendering, all powered by the PS5™.


Discover revolutionary PlayStation VR2 Sense™ technology with eye tracking, headset feedback, and 3D Audio. Combined with intuitive new controllers, this technology creates deeply realistic sensations and emotions in compatible games.


Dive into the action with a quick and simple one-cable connection to your PS5 console.


Explore the next generation of genre-defining virtual reality games, connecting to new worlds in uniquely immersive ways.

Explore the next generation of genre-defining virtual reality games, connecting to new worlds in uniquely immersive ways.

PlayStation® VR2 Headset

4K HDR Display: Immerse yourself in stunning, ultra-clear 4K High Dynamic Range visuals that bring virtual reality to life. The PlayStation VR2 features two 2000 x 2040 OLED displays, providing over four times the resolution of the original PlayStation VR. Enjoy a smooth visual experience with up to 120fps.

Inside-Out Tracking: Experience the freedom of VR play styles with inside-out tracking. The PlayStation VR2 tracks your movements and controllers using four built-in cameras, eliminating the need for an external camera. Your actions and gaze are accurately reflected in the game.

Eye Tracking: Engage with the game world and other players on a deeper level. Eye tracking cameras detect and follow your eye movements, adding emotional depth to in-game interactions. Eye tracking also enhances aiming and viewing with advanced foveated rendering techniques that optimize resolution based on where you are looking.

Headset Feedback: Feel the game with responsive headset vibrations. A single built-in motor creates subtle vibrations, adding tactile feedback to your gaming experience. Feel your character’s heartbeat during intense moments, the rush of objects flying past, or the thrust of your vehicle as you accelerate.

Tempest 3D Audiotech: Experience realistic and immersive soundscapes with Tempest 3D Audiotech. The audio dynamically adapts to your position and head movements, allowing you to pinpoint sounds and sense the direction of threats. Hear characters whispering in your ear and locate friends and enemies by their movements.

Optimized Optics: Enjoy a comfortable and immersive gaming experience with a 110º field of view and a lightweight, well-balanced Fresnel lens. The lens adjustment dial lets you customize the spacing between lenses for an optimal onscreen image.

Single Cable Connection: Dive into virtual worlds with ease using a simple one-cable connection to the PlayStation 5 console’s front USB port. The PlayStation VR2 is quick and easy to set up – just plug, play, and enjoy.

Play Area: Customize your play area for the best gaming experience. Enjoy freedom of movement with Roomscale, or play while seated or standing, depending on your room size and the game's VR play style. Roomscale-compatible games require a minimum of 2 meters by 2 meters of available space.

PlayStation VR2 Sense™ Controller

Orb Design: Experience natural and realistic movement with the ergonomic orb design of the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller. Its balanced design allows you to comfortably explore virtual worlds.

Finger Touch Detection: Interact with items and environments naturally with finger touch detection. The controller can detect your hand position even when you're not pressing a button, accurately replicating your hand movements in-game. Communicate with hand signals, perform dexterous tasks, and interact with objects and equipment.

Haptic Feedback: Feel the game with realistic, detailed haptic feedback. From subtle vibrations to intense pulsations, the controller delivers different sensations to your hands. Experience the tactile feedback of firing weapons, crafting tools, touching textures, and traversing various terrains.

Adaptive Triggers: Feel the varying levels of force and tension with adaptive triggers. Whether pulling back a bowstring, crushing objects, or feeling a weapon jam, the adaptive triggers enhance your sense of immersion by physically connecting you to the on-screen actions.

Analog Sticks and Buttons: Access extra input options with traditional analog sticks and action buttons. The Triangle, Square, Cross, and Circle buttons are split across the two controllers, along with an Options button and a Create button. Both controllers also feature a grip button to grab in-game objects, adding to the immersive experience.


  • VR Headset
  • PlayStation VR2 Sense controller (L) / (R) with attached straps
  • USB cable (for controller pairing and charging)
  • Stereo headphones
  • Three pairs of earpieces
  • Printed materials

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