Experience console-quality gameplay on your PS5® over your home Wi-Fi with the PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player. Enjoy the immersive features of the DualSense® wireless controller, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, in supported games. With PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player, you can access and play compatible games installed on your PS5 directly in the palm of your hand, eliminating the need to use a TV.

Product Features

Put Your PS5 in the Palm of Your Hand: The PlayStation Portal Remote Player allows you to access and play your PS5 games over your home Wi-Fi, enabling you to dive into gaming without needing a TV.

Play Your Game Collection: The PlayStation Portal Remote Player lets you enjoy the compatible games installed on your PS5 console, including your favorite PS5 and PS4 titles.

Experience Breathtaking Immersion with DualSense® Wireless Controller Features: Enjoy the immersive power of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in supported games. Feel responsive vibrations that react to your in-game actions and simulate environmental factors. Experience dynamic resistance that mimics the tension of interactions with in-game gear and objects in select PS5 games.

Beautiful 8” LCD Screen: Immerse yourself in every exquisite detail of your favorite games on a brightly lit, gorgeous full HD screen.

60fps Capable at 1080p Resolution: The PlayStation Portal Remote Player delivers silky smooth gameplay at up to 60fps with high image clarity on its 1080p resolution screen.

Get Gaming Fast: Designed for a seamless remote play experience, the PlayStation Portal Remote Player allows you to turn it on, press a button to connect to your PS5 console, and start playing with remarkable speed.

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