IMPORTANT NOTE: This model only fits the Xbox One S. It does NOT fit the Xbox One X and original Xbox One as they use a different mount.





Microsoft pulled out all the stops with the incredibly stylish Xbox One S. Treat your XB1S like the piece of art that it is – display your gorgeous XB1S in all its glory by wall mounting it. The HIDEit Xbox One S wall mount is slim and compact to compliment it's stunning design. The HIDEit X1S is a secure wall mount storage solution that will create the illusion that your Xbox One S is floating. Available in Black and White. Stand your Xbox One S vertical in our mount (which improves ventilation), keep it safe from accidents AND create your dream gaming setup!


  • SPACE-SAVING & COMPACT. Take advantage of your unused wall space and leave more room for video game storage.
  • KEEP YOUR XBOX ONE S SAFE from little fingers, big clumsy hands, pets, and worst of all…liquids.
  • IMPROVED VENTILATION with all vents free and clear for optimal performance. 
  • INNOVATIVE PATENT-PENDING DESIGN allows full access to ports. The HIDEit X1S enables you to wall mount your Xbox on either side of your TV; on the wall or by taking advantage of VESA Compatibility (100mm, M4 Screws or 200mm, M4/M6 Screws).
  • FULL ACCESS TO PORTS. Allows complete access to all Ports and Vents. Mount your Xbox One S on the left or the right side of your TV. 
  • QUICK, EASY INSTALLATION. Drywall screws, anchors and VESA screws are provided. The HIDEit is a solid piece of steel that you can install with or without a drill – no measuring, no templates. Have your Xbox One S on the wall in minutes!
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH & MADE IN USA from Powder-Coated Steel.

VESA mount at your own risk. Please ensure your TV Stand can support the additional weight. Xbox One S and other devices/consoles NOT included.

Made in USA


HIDEit is a total solution to vertically wall mount your electronic components and video game consoles and has been trusted by thousands of customers since 2009. Family owned and operated. HIDEit Mounts are manufactured in the USA using modern metal manufacturing techniques in an ISO Certified shop. We only use the highest-quality materials including 16-gauge Steel (thicker than auto body panels) that is cold-rolled for increased sturdiness and a powder-coat finish for greater durability.


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