A powerful gaming controller equipped memory functions, 32-bit ARM CPUs, fast response and easy wireless/wired connections - it's a feature-packed controller that is a joy to use.

Compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC and Android

Smart and Universal
A smart and powerful gaming controller compatible with Nintendo Switch, Windows PC and Android.

Smart Auto Pilot Gaming
This controller allows you to record operations (up to 10 seconds) which will then run automatically hands-free. Perfect for time-consuming/repeated actions.

Advanced Turbo Mode (ATM)
Adjustable Turbo setups on A,B,X,Y,R,ZR buttons for both semi-auto and auto rapid fire.

Powerful and High-Speed Response
Dual 32 bit ARM CPU offers fast gaming response

Easy Wireless/Wired Connection
Works both via Bluetooth wireless and wired connection to your consoles.

Motion Sense
Built-in acceleration sensor and six-axis gyroscope provides precise motion sensing on the Nintendo Switch.

Other Powerful Features

  • Dual motors with 4 level adjustable vibration
  • Perfect ergonomic grip feel
  • Auto sleep & quick wake
  • Smooth and durable thumbsticks with steel ring
  • Easy interchange of A-B, X-Y buttons
  • 900mAh rechargeable lithium battery for up to 14 hours of gaming time.
  • Easy settings and updates - All custom settings are done on the controller, no App needed and upgradeable controller software.


  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Windows X-input, Windows D-input, Android
  • Connection: Bluetooth / USB-C cable
  • Transmission distance: 10 meters
  • Frequency range: 2.402GHZ - 2.480GHZ
  • Built-in Li-ion Polymer Battery: 900mAh
  • Battery life: About 14 hours
  • Recharging time: About 2.5 hours
  • Input port: USB-C
  • Contents: Controller, USB-C cable, Manual

  Note: Nintendo Switch Console and Joy-Cons not included.

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