The Brook Wingman XB3 Converter Adapter is your ultimate gaming accessory, supporting Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, as well as PC compatibility. With support for over 135 controllers, a 5-level Turbo function, and customizable button remapping, it empowers you to dominate every game.

  • Support XB|X|s & XB1 Console
    Wingman XB3 supports Xbox modern consoles.
    Let Brook be your partner on the way to becoming a hero.
  • Supports 135+ Controllers
    Proudly supports XB X|S and XB Elite 2 wireless controllers.
  • PC Compatible
    Wingman XB3 is also your PC’s companion. Choosing a favorite controller, be the winner of every game.
  • 5-Level Turbo
    Empower your every weapon. Win your every battle with the 5-level Turbo function.
  • Remap your way
    Your right to remap the buttons to shape your own gaming style.


  1. How do I know if the converter is compatible with my controller/joystick?
    Before purchasing, you can check the compatibility list on the product introduction page to see if your controller/joystick is listed. If your controller/joystick is not listed in the table, it means it is not compatible or has not been tested. You can contact customer service for assistance or advice.
  2. My controller/joystick is listed as compatible in the compatibility list, but there is no response when I use it.
    Please try updating the firmware first. If that doesn't help, please contact us.
  3. How do I update the firmware?
    First, go to the Brook official website, click "Downloads" to enter the product download page, or search for "Brook gaming + Downloads."
  4. What are the differences between Wingman XB 2 and Wingman XB 3?
    Wingman XB 2 is compatible with Xbox 360 and Xbox Original consoles. Wingman XB 3 is compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

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