Introducing Brook Gaming's Wingman FGC: the ultimate wired stick converter built exclusively for the fighting game community. It breaks PS5 platform limitations, allowing you to use your favorite fighting stick with over 20 major brands supported. Enjoy seamless plug-and-play functionality and ultra-low latency for an unmatched fighting experience on the PS5.

  • Ultra Low Latency

    • Smooth operation, instant response!
    • Brook's exclusive technologies contribute ultra-low latency and a stable gaming experience. Playing games with higher precision and fluency. Be more invulnerable!
  • Plug and Play

    • Smooth operation, instant response!
  • Support Wired Fighting Stick

    • Wingman FGC supports over 20 brands and 60+ wired sticks! You can use your favorite stick to play and fully experience the thrill of fighting games on the PS5!


  • Supported game consoles: PS5、PS4、PC (X-Input)
  • Supported game types:
    • PS5: fighting games
    • PS4: all types of games
    • PC (X-input): all types of games
  • Supported game controllers: More than 60 wired sticks and controllers
  • User Profile Setting Software: Back up & switch settings on PC
    • Required for dedicated firmware updates
  • Firmware version: Two firmware versions
    • Tournament version: default, no Turbo, no Remap, no Macro.
    • Standard version: supports Turbo, Remap, and Macro.

What’s Included

  • 1x Wingman FGC wired fighting stick converter
  • 1x Quick guide manual
  • 1x Thank-you card

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