The Smallest Pocket Product

The smallest and lightest 2P auto Pokémon catcher! Its 32x32mm size is slightly larger than a coin and weighs only 10g. Very compact and easy to carry around.

Fully equipped in a compact size. It features "Auto Pokémon catching", and "Auto prop collection". It also supports a "Dual accounts connection" that connects two accounts in a device!

Its "Type-C charging" enables non-stop catching fun with the convenient charging

Pocket Auto Catch – Light lifestyle

  • RGB signal display

    • It communicates various game statuses by showcasing different light combinations.
  • Highly Stable Auto Catch

    • You don't have to worry about missing opportunities to catch Pokémon or gather items anytime!
  • Super Mini! Easy to carry!

    • The Auto Catch LIGHT, with its compact 32*32mm size, is just slightly larger than a coin. This makes it incredibly portable, allowing you to easily carry it on a keychain, in a bag, or in your pocket.
  • Dual accounts connection at the same time

    • The Auto Catch LIGHT boasts the feature of "Dual Account Connection." It seamlessly supports both one or two accounts, allowing you to use it with a single phone or across two different phones.
  • Various accessories available

    • Auto Catch LIGHT is the same size as Air Tag.
    • Besides the bundled leather case, it also fits*some of Air Tag's accessories. You can build it whatever you want!
  • More Convenient Charging

    • Introducing "Type-C" charging! You can conveniently recharge the Auto Catch LIGHT using the included "Dual Type-C" cable, connecting it to another device with a Type-C port. This ensures uninterrupted catching without any concerns about the battery level.

What’s Included

  • 1x Auto Catch Light
  • 1x Leather case lanyard (black)
  • 1x USB C to USB C cable
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Thank-you card
  • 1x Kanban girl sticker

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