First full-color display portable auto Pokémon catcher

Enjoy gaming fun friend with the new " Dual-devices connection "feature with "Auto Pokémon catching" and "Auto collect items" functions.

The brand-new features and designs, including "Horizontal/vertical display rotation", "Type-C charging", and "Gold capacitor", lead you to a new Pocket era with unprecedented catching fun!

Auto Catching and Auto Collecting Items

Highly stable! Highly efficient!

You never have to worry about missing the chances to catch Pokémon or supply items!

*The connection distance can reach up to 10 metres. Factors such as the any shelter cover at your location may affect the actual connection distance.

Vivid and Intuitive Display

  • Brilliant, animated icons!
    • 1.11" color display enriches icon vividness and presents higher variety.
  • Intuitive rotation displays!
    • You can select "vertical" or "horizontal" display modes based on different usage scenarios.

Two Devices can be Connected at the same time

Enjoy gaming fun together!

It connects up to two devices at the same time, making you enjoy auto Pokémon catching and prop collecting with your friend!

Longer Battery Life - Easier charging

  • Equipped with eco-friendly energy storage device "Super capacitor" which operates up to 14 days under *normal use! It takes only 90 minutes to fully charge!
  • It features "Type-C" in charging and bundles a "USB C to USB C cable" charging cable, which can be charged by another device with a Type-C port!

* The battery life test conditions:

After fully charged, Auto catch and auto collect are activated for 3~4 hrs per day; Vibration is activated; Power Saving Mode is deactivated, and two devices are connected at the same time.

Phantom Black

You can apply your favorite sticker on a specially reserved flat area to build an Auto Catch CARRY in your exclusive style!

Supports various lanyards and accessories!

"Lanyard hole" fits most accessories in the market. Simply hang your Auto Catch CARRY on the bag, keychain, or belt.

What’s Included

  • Auto Catch CARRY(Phantom Black) x1
  • USB C to USB C cable x1
  • Retractable reel x 1
  • Pattern sticker x 1
  • Manual(Multilingual) x1
  • Brook Gaming kanban girl sticker x 1
  • Thank-you card x 1

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