You Ask, Elinz Answers pt. 4

Author: John D.   Date Posted:9 December 2019 

Hey there! In this blog post, we continue answering questions from our Quora. Here are the best ones that we've come across recently, covering questions about dash cams and security cameras.

Without further ado- here they are some of our best and most recent questions on the feed!

Great question! A wireless home security camera as the name suggests, does away with the traditional wired setup of CCTVs, and are completely wireless- this might be in the context of just the video footage setup, but could also be in relation to power source (needing no power plug/internal battery set up).

A wireless home security camera is a great tool for anyone looking to make their home safer without the hassle of managing and concealing cables. They can be a little unsightly to look at in homes, truth be told.

Now you still have two options for wireless home security cameras- you can get either an IP camera, or a CCTV camera.

For IP cameras, these ones are truly wireless as they do not need to offload their feed into a DVR hub- it simply stores the video inside it’s internal storage which is usually an SD card.

For CCTV cameras, they have wireless transmitters on the camera, and wireless receivers on the DVR hub. This footage is then taken and stored into the hub, making it a completely wireless connection.

We’ve got great tech these days especially for surveillance, and if you’re currently residing in Australia and are looking for great wireless security cameras, get yours today at Elinz.


Great question! The Australian Institute of Criminology once did a study on this and here are the most prominent reasons to own a security camera for surveillance in your home:

Deterring criminals. Most criminals are always on the lookout for security cameras. When you have your likeness captured on camera, you’re (almost) as good as caught when you do commit a crime.

Some wouldn’t care and would even show a toothy smile to the camera, but most of those kind of criminals get ID’d and arrested soon enough. Some newbies would even abandon the idea of doing the deed when they see a security camera.

Criminal prosecution. Crimes that aren’t deterred are captured on camera, and whoever needs to be identified are seen on camera and promptly arrested once seen. If preemption isn’t possible, security cameras help the law provide recompense to victims in the form of justice.

Public/community safety. Certain situations require security cameras such as speed cameras that are security cameras in their own right, and they capture speeding vehicles.

Other security cameras are used by both local and national governments to keep an eye on public areas and help keep it safe.

Tough question- I don’t think there’s such a dash cam out there in the market right now that doesn’t take SD cards, or is truly wireless in terms of storage or power source.

Dash cams rarely have batteries of their own due to the temperature that can generate inside a car on park, even if it isn’t under the direct heat of the sun. As you can see, this can cause some major issues with devices such as dash cams, which are generally left inside the car, and are mounted right under the windshield, in the direct heat of the sun.

The other option that you do have is to hardwire the dash cam, so you won’t have to worry about the wires dangling off into your cigarette charger slot.

There are dash cams that can share their content on the internet or share the content to a mobile device, but a dash cam with cloud storage is a little hard to come by. Some of our dash cams at Elinz, however, is able to have the footage taken in it managed via WiFi by a mobile device, essentially allowing you to off-load your footage.

By far, that’s the closest to your specifications and I hope that helps!

Absolutely. But make sure that your housekeeper is also pre-vetted, or they come from an agency that is trusted to prevent anything from happening. Even if a security camera is able to take a video of anything they could do, it's important to always be preemptive and make sure that nothing will happen.

If your housekeeper is also in charge of taking care of your kids while you’re away, then you should absolutely get a security to make sure that you have a log of what’s happening inside your home.

And it’s not just because of your housekeeper- even when you’re at home, a lot can happen. Your child can get injured, might ingest something when no one’s looking- literally anything can happen, and that’s not even involving your child and your housekeeper.

You can simply get an IP camera that covers a wide angle inside your home or get a multi-camera CCTV system that offloads the video into a DVR hub- the choice is yours and that depends on the size of your home.

If you’d like to get a security camera at the best quality and best price point, do visit us at Elinz.


Thanks for reading and hopefully you've learned something from us on this post! As you noticed, most of the questions are still related to security cameras and dash cameras, like our previous . If you're looking for the best security cameras and dash cams in Australia, visit us today and order yours before the holidays!


Cheers and stay safe out there!