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Author: John D.   Date Posted:3 December 2019 

New laws are now in effect- if you get caught using a mobile device in NSW at any point while driving, you’re in for a warning for the first time. And the next time you get caught, you run the risk of a $344 fine, $457 if you’re in a school zone.

If you’d like to read up on more on this new law, do follow these links: Transport | Business Insider AU


And there is new technology that can help spot this now- cameras can spot you now if you do use your mobile device while your hands are on the wheel. Although there will be signs on the road that will show you if there are any cameras watching, mobile devices shouldn't be used at all times regardless if there was someone watching or not.


bad driver

(yikes. never drive like this, ever.)


And we here at Elinz agree with complete safety while driving- it’s important to always keep your attention on the road when you drive, with both hands and eyes on the wheel, not fiddling with any phone or any kind of gadget.


You owe it to yourself (and your passengers) to get from point A to point B safely, with no interference or additional source of danger.


If you don’t think that mobile devices are sources of danger when driving- think again. Here are some solid statistics from the Canadian Automobile Association about the dangers of driving while using a mobile device. It’s incredibly surprising, to say the least.


It’s surprising enough to be likened to drive through the length of an entire football field, blindfolded. Who knows if you run into someone else that’s doing the same thing? It’s simple arithmetic that equates to an accident. 


If you really can’t keep your hands off your mobile device while driving, here are some items from our store that we highly recommend to help keep you, your family and your friends safe while on the road:


Get a mobile phone cradle. The law says that it’s fine to drive with a mobile phone in your car, provided that its in a cradle. It doesn’t lessen your reaction time, and it takes quite some time for you to take it off, taking off the entire possibility of you using it.

If you do use your mobile phone in the cradle, there’s no other way to use it than as a navigation device, which is how its supposed to be used.

Get a car DVD player. And we don’t mean the car DVD player that plays videos on your dashboard- we mean a head unit that can work hands-free for the most part, or one that works with just a few taps. 


head unit being used

Some head units interact with a mobile device too, which you can wire to your wheel. You can simply press the call button to accept the call, and to decline or put down your phone- this, at least, keeps both your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

Get a dual dash cam. If you get a dual dash cam, you can also record the interior of your vehicle while you’re driving. You’ll be able to see in tandem what’s happening out on the road, and match it to what you’re doing in your vehicle.


If you’re a habitual distracted driver, you’d be surprised at how much you’d be scared straight while matching the footage for what’s happening outside and what you’re doing in your car. (one example would be a person just driving a few inches from a truck, with them not really looking at the road, one hand on their phone!). 


These items should help lessen your distraction out on the road, therefore lessening the probability of you getting in an accident.


Remember, the fines aren’t the only thing that you should be worried about- as mentioned, a good chunk of vehicular accidents happen because of distraction; the problems that could arise from an accident could very well outstrip the cost of a single fine, both physically and financially.


If you haven’t started the habit yet of fiddling with your phone while driving- don’t. Be preemptive and have these items in your car to assist you in your day to day driving, or better yet, keep your phone hidden while you’re in your car. 


For these items, here are our recommendations:


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Thanks for reading, and stay safe out there!