Wired or Wireless: Which Security Camera is Better?

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted:1 April 2019 

People who are very much concerned about the security of their home and their community know so well and where to have a security camera installed. Such a device allows one to record and capture all the goings-on inside and around their area during their absence there. There are many advantages which security cameras give their owner. Some of these reasons include being instantly alerted during unavoidable circumstance and unusual commotions, interactive monitoring that provides the owner with peace of mind even during his absence at home, and wire-free, among others.

Security camera comparison

There are different kinds of security cameras. There is the traditional cam, the IR security cam, IP home security cam, and the dome camera. Whatever you choose, your choice of security cam can be a wireless security camera or a wired security camera CCTV. Read on for comparison:

Security Camera




Must be hard-wired throughout the place when installing

Easier to install as no wires are needed to make it work


Cheaper in price when bought from the store/seller. However, hiring an expert or knowledgeable person may cost extra and a bit more expensive.

More expensive and may cost one a thousand (and even more) dollar. However, no other amount or cost is there are reduced requirements for installation.

Wires and Electricity

During the power outage, this security cam relies on a battery-operated backup system.


A wireless cam that’s connected to the electrical wiring of the home is expected to have a battery backup too, for use when a power outage occurs.

Quality of Audio and Video

Pictures and videos recorded and captured are clear, they are not as excellent as the ones wireless cam produces.

This has a better image and video quality than the wired security cam.

Signal Interference

Does not allow signal interference coming from a wireless device.

Digital wireless transmission has no interference as compared to Analogue wireless transmission which is prone to interference

Features, specs, similarities, and differences of the wired and wireless security cameras vary according to the type and model of the model you are choosing. If you don’t have any idea which cam to buy, don’t worry. Elinz is here for you. Your favourite Australian retail store for electronics products has an array of security cameras with different features and specifications to match every user’s needs and preferences. Browse through this page, and you will definitely find the one that addresses your safety and security issues.