What you need to Know about CMOS Reversing Camera and CCD Reversing Camera?

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted:27 March 2019 

Are you contemplating buying a reversing camera but you don’t know which right security device to for your car?  You’ve probably heard about the CMOS reversing camera and thought of it as the security cam to have. But it is essential to know that there is the CCD reversing camera to consider, too. Don’t get confused because, in this article, you will learn the differences between the two, in terms of features, functionality, and cost. These distinctions will help you decide which reverse camera system is appropriate for your vehicle. They can be your deciding factors too, in terms of preferences and needs. Read on!


CMOS Reversing Camera  

CCD Reversing Camera

Image Quality

Despite the excellent quality images, this device tends to have higher noise.

This reversing cam excellent quality images or pictures with low noise.


CMOS sensors require more light in order to produce low noise for images at proper exposure.

Sensors of this camera are more sensitive to light.

Power Consumption

Typically, CMOS consumes a small amount of power when a sensor is implemented in it.

The processes used for the CCD to function need a lot of power consumption.

Battery Life

The CMOS camera’s battery has a longer lifespan. As a result, you can take more pictures with it.

Since more processes are used to operate the CCD camera, battery life tends to be shorter.


CMOS chips are made on any standard production of silicon like the line. Therefore, they have a tendency to be quite less expensive.

Since the CCD camera’s sensors are more sensitive to light and have special specs and features that result in high-quality images with low noise, it tends to be a bit more costly.


Before you decide which between the two cams is better for your car, it is essential to know that with a car security device, you will gain a wide-angle and well-lit view of the things behind you while driving. This is the view, not even your rearview mirror can deliver. Whether you are conscious about your safety, want to keep an eye on something on the road carefully, or crunching bumpers is just a habit for your, installing a reversing camera in your vehicle, whatever type it is.

If you analyze the differences given, you’ll find that one is superior over the other in terms of features, cost, and functionality. But this doesn’t mean that just because a function or two, of the CMOS reversing cam, are better than the CCD cam (or vice versa), it is the right device to have, and the other is not. It is still you, who can decide for the right reversing camera for your car. Browse through this page and see which security device addresses your preferences and needs.