Factors that make the Security Camera Important

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted:13 March 2019 

If you haven’t installed any security camera at home or in your office yet, maybe now is the perfect time to consider owning one. Surely, everyone wants their home wholly secured from any untoward incident. And for anyone to achieve this, you should set up a camera system that to capture or record an essential occurrence while you are away. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get started, what CCTV cam to choose and where to get it. Elinz, a leading online retail electronic products store, has a complete range of quality security cams at reasonable prices.

factors in buying security camera

Considerations to take when Buying a Security Camera


Don’t settle for just any IP camera. Choose the one that will answer all your security and safety needs. And, to be sure you are getting the right product, be sure to choose from Elinz’s array of security taking note and remembering these 5 best considerations:

1.    Decide whether to select the wired or wireless cam - This consideration is one of the first things to consider when deciding to look for a for a home security system. A wired security cam is quite more appropriate if your house is still under construction or undergoing renovation as there is an ample amount of drilling and rewiring on the walls needed. Wireless option, on the other hand, is quite more suitable for busy individuals who prefer easy installations. Wireless security cams can be easily mounted on the wall, and a particular number of detectors and sensors can be incorporated with them minus the need to rewire the whole electrical system of the house.

2.    Opt for the plug-and-play CCTV security camera for smooth operation – This specification is the simplest wireless security camera system.  The plug and play features prevent all that messy cabling. All you have to do is install the camera, plug the power on and the device is ready to go.

3.    Choose the one with ‘Night Vision’ feature – At Elinz, you will find a CCTV cam that has 36 pieces of IR LEDs that can capture high-quality night vision images. More so, the cam has to have a uniform luminance of up to 82 feet or 25 centimetres.

4.    Check if the security device has a 1080P HD Resolution – With this feature, you will you can produce an HD image and video quality of 1920x1080P.

5.    Pick the cam with 24/7 Continuous recording  - This is an equally important feature. With this feature, it means that you can take and record pictures and videos any time of the day live. You can do this either from your computer monitor, or remotely using your wireless device like phone or tablet through a compatible app.

These considerations are good enough to convince you that indeed, you need a surveillance camera for your home or office. Visit Elinz for the complete range of security cameras. You’ll surely choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs.