Dos and Don'ts of Installing the Best Reversing Camera

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted:23 December 2015 

Having problems reversing your car or going in and out of tight parking spaces? If you find it difficult to manoeuvre your car, it certainly helps to have a reversing camera. Not only does it make your car more manoeuvrable, it can also help you prevent driveway accidents. However, even if you have the best reversing camera, it won't give you the results you are expecting if it is not installed properly. As such, you have to make sure that your kit fits snugly in your vehicle. To help you out, here are the dos and don'ts of installing a camera system in your car.
installing reversing camera1. Do not install the monitor in direct sunlight.
If you don't want to have problems viewing the images on the screen, make sure to place the monitor away from direct sunlight. Otherwise, the glare of the sun will make it difficult for you to see what's on the screen when driving during daytime. If you have no choice but to mount the monitor on a position where it can be hit by direct sunlight, you should consider buying a sunshade for it instead.
2. Do make sure the camera is on the central point of your car
To make the most of your reversing camera kit, make sure that the camera itself is positioned strategically at the back of your vehicle. According to experts, the best location for your camera is on the central point of the car. If you want a better field of view, you can place it low and if you want to make it easier for you to judge distances, you should place it high up.
3. Don't connect the camera to same power source as the radio
To prevent interference and other similar problems, avoid connecting the monitor to the same power source where the radio is connected. If the camera has red and green trigger wires, make sure to connect the red trigger wire to a power source that is hot only when the car engine is running. Also, don't connect the green trigger wire to the red one because the monitor will always assume that the vehicle is on reverse.
4. Do ensure the camera has its own power supply
Unless you are using a reverse camera system in Australia with 4PIN connections, make sure the camera itself is also connected to a power source. The same thing goes for a wireless camera system. If you don't, you'll only get to power up the monitor, not the camera.
If you want your car reversing camera to work properly, make sure it is installed properly. Also, make it a habit to check the owner's manual before starting the installation process.