Active Headrest DVD Player: A Standout among the Rest

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted:20 March 2019 

If you are looking for a DVD player for your car, don’t just choose any device. Instead, opt for the Active headrest DVD player. Most of the new vehicles have this kind of technology for the device from which the factory headrest pillow can adjust forward, and up in the case, an accident happens. Because of the motor and electronics parts used so the headrest pillow can be moved, not to mention the added safety the built-in Active headrest technology offers, replacing the headrest pillows is no longer recommended.

If you don’t have an Active technology for your car DVD player yet, worry not. It’s never too late for a solution even at the back seat for the passengers’ entertainment. At Elinz, a fast-growing online retail store for electronic gadgets and products, you’ll find an array of Active headrest DVD players. This brand boasts of extremely high resolution regardless of the size you are choosing for your monitor. This feature is quite impressive, not to mention easy to install. Typically, this kind of car DVD player comes with a clamp on the bracket, helping conceal every wire down the seats.

Active Headrest DVD Player: A Standout among the Rest

The Difference of the Active Headrest DVD Player from the Others

There may be a lot of DVD players you can find for your vehicle. However, an Active DVD player is a standout among the rest. Indeed, it is making a significant difference among the rest of the competitor brands in the market.  Below are some of the unique features of an active car headrest DVD player, making this product and brand distinct from the others:

•    Huge screen – this ultra-thin Active DVD player comes with a large monitor for a better and clearer view.

•    An HD screen resolution of 1080P, where you can view crystal clear and vibrant graphics

•    Stylish, sleek and slim design that perfectly matches the car interior that can easily be installed

•    The Active headrest DVD player for your car supports SD/USB sharing where the video you play from your USB or SD can be shared with another DVD player/monitor. This means fun and enjoyment for your whole family and friends.

•    More audio options to choose from including playing sound through the speakers of the DVD player, through the sound system of the vehicle via the FM transmitter, and through IR wireless headphones through the built-in IR functionality.

If you install the active technology in your car you have all the reasons to be excited about your every long trip—be it for business or leisure. It has high-quality video and audio promise seamless and satisfaction in terms of movie and music viewing and listening.

For the frequent traveler like you, now is the best time to get an Active DVD player for your car. And, to be sure you are getting the right product or have made the right decision for your choice of the product,