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Have you gone mobile personal and business wise? You’ve probably set up a moveable office for your small business. And your home must have gone along with your so-called transportable life, too. Then, what you need is a vehicle DC voltage step down converter to keep all your necessities wired, connected and efficiently functioning anytime, wherever you are.  This equipment is designed portable and lightweight for convenient bringing. You can buy it at a reasonable price at Elinz Store.

Converter makes your mobile life better

• People need a converter to make their mobile life better.
• This portable equipment guarantees protection for the appliances and even automotive circuit.
• Ensure safety in this machine for all the appliances whether in the office or at home as it automatically stops functioning once the output voltage exceeds the rated output.

What’s in for you?

  • Free Shipping Australia Wide
  • Earn Loyalty Reward Points
  • Amasing deals and discounts
  • 12 months warranty

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