Top of the Range Reversing Cameras

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Reversing camera kits weather proof


At Elinz, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality reversing camera kits for cars and caravans in Australia. Our extensive range is of the highest quality, they are imperative for safety whilst driving and could save you from an unfortunate accident on the road.

Reasons to have a reverse camera for your car

  • Save you and your vehicle from the risks of not seeing what is occurring in the blind zone of your vision.
  • Our rear view cameras will help you avoid harm to others, which can occur when your vision is impaired whilst reversing – not being able to see what is occurring outside your range of vision (such as passing pedestrians) can cause potentially fatal accidents.
  • The wireless reversing camera operates automatically when the car is put into reverse, so you don’t need to push any buttons whilst trying to drive.
  • They are important for those sticky reversing situations: supermarket car parks, coming out of vision restrictive driveways, parallel parking, everything!
  • Peace of mind for parents with little children as you have clear vision if they happen to run behind the vehicle.

Choosing the right rear view camera for your vehicle

There are many different options for selecting the right system from Elinz, monitors come in a variety of different options including:

  • Tested and recommended by Choice Magazine
  • Manufactured using the highest industry standards and technology
  • For additional safety and maneuverability

What’s in for you?

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