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With this 600W Modified Sine Wave Inverter you can just hook it up to your car 4WD, caravan or boat battery, and you've got power to run your appliances just like at home.

Elinz power inverter is compatible with any 12V battery, it gives you standard AC power just about anywhere. And with automated shutdown functions it makes for perfectly safe driving, protecting you from overloading, overheating and short-circuiting. The nicely compact unit can be easily store in your boot or under the seat. You are guaranteed to experience the top range in the market giving you a complete peace of mind. Place your order today!

Key Features

• The High Performance Modified Sine Wave Inverter an economical solution
• Convenient to use with USB charging port
• Output Wave: Modified sine wave
• Latest inverter technology
• >90% efficiency
   ○ Inverter can achieve >90% highest efficiency making it more useful, reliable and can be used on more appliances around you.
• Compact design
   ○ Nicely compact unit can be easily store in your boot or under the seat. Continuous output of 600W
• Australian-standard power point
• Peak output of 1200W
• Low-battery alarm and safety shutdown
• Safe to Use
   ○ Low voltage input protection, High voltage input protection, Short circuit protection, Output overloading protection
   ○ Overload, over-voltage, overheat protection
   ○ C-Tick mark: It complies with the applicable electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements set by the ACMA. It signifies that the electronic device is being sold legally in Australia.
• 12-month Australian warranty

Item Description

• Continuous Power: 600W
• Peak Power: 1200W
• NO load current draw: <0.3A
• Output Wave: Modified sine wave
• Socket Type: Australian standard
• Input DC voltage Range: DC9.7V-15.5V
• Output Voltage Range: AC240v
• Input Voltage: DC12V
• Overload Protection: Shuts down output, re-power to reset
• Output Short Protection: Auto Shut-off
• Output Frequency Range: 50+/- 3Hz
• Max Outer Temperature: < 65ºC
• Max Power Efficiency: > 90%
• High Voltage Cut Off Level: 14.5V-15.5V
• Low Voltage Alarm Level: DC 10.4-11.V
• Low Voltage Cut Off Level: DC 9.7V-DC10.3V
• Built-in Cooling Fan
• Dimension: 190mm x 95mm x 55mm
• Weight: 0.5kg

C-Tick Mark

dimension 600w inverters

Efficient Use of DC

dimension 600w inverters

Less Delicate to Use

dimension 600w inverters

Affordable Price

dimension 600w inverters

High Efficiency

dimension 600w inverters

Modified Sine Wave Output Wave Form

dimension 600w inverters

USB Charging Port

dimension 600w inverters


modified sine wave inverter dimension label modified sine wave inverters

Functionality and Advantages

What's Included

Inverters accessories

When to use Modified Sine Wave Inverter?

Normally, modified sine wave inverters are cheaper than a pure sine wave inverter and they are used in simple systems.

A modified sine wave inverter can be used for appliances that don’t have any delicate electronics or audio equipment that may pick up the choppy wave and produce a hum. Like for example Old tube TVs and motors with brushes generally worked with modified sine wave. Some appliances are well-matched with a modified sine wave; others are not so always check with the manufacturer.

They normally use DC power more efficiently than PSW inverters wherein battery will last longer. If you want to run normal light bulbs and induction or shunt motors, an Modified Sine Wave inverter will be good to use.

Though if you are having second thoughts if appliance will run well on MSW, make sure to check it before plug in or contact the manufacturer.

Guidelines in choosing the right Inverters

1. Identify the appliance that you are planning to use the inverters.
2. Check the voltage of your appliance.
3. Check the starting power of the appliance based on the table provided below.
4. After checking Appliance voltage and Starting Power, do the computation to be able to identify the right inverters for you.
5. Computation formula: appliance voltage x starting power = Peak Power of appropriate Inverters
6. Example Computation:
  Appliance: TV
  Voltage: 1000w
  Starting Power: 3-4 times
  a. 1000w (appliance voltage) x 3 (starting power) = 3000w Peak Power of appropriate inverters
  • This shows that 1500w Inverters will work for your appliance because this inverter has a peak power of 3000w.
  b. 1000w (appliance voltage) x 4 (starting power) = 4000w Peak Power of appropriate inverters
  • This shows 2000w Inverters will work for your appliance because this inverter has a peak power of 4000w.
So what's the Inverter that fits your needs?
  • The Inverters with higher Peak Power is the one recommended for you.
  • Based on the example, 2000w Inverters is the right one to buy to make sure it will work on your appliance.
Appliance Starting power
LED Light 3-4 times
Refrigerator 3-7 times
Microwave 1.5-2 times
TV 3-4 times
Fan 3 times
Computer 1.5-2 times
Air-condition 3-7 times
Water Pump 3-7 times
Drill 2 times
Coffee Machine 3-7 times
Cleaner 2 times
Electric Hair Drier 1.5-2 times

** If you need assistance in choosing the right inverters for your appliance
feel free to contact us anytime 1300 881 773 or email us at sales@elinz.com.au

Elinz is not liable or responsible for any damage caused by any misuse or negligence in using our products. Products provided have specifications on proper way of using them.If in any case, it is used and caused damage to property, the owner have sole liability on the situation.

Elinz is always here to assist you if you need guidance. Feel free to contact us.

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*Product on the video may differ from the actual product. Video is displayed to show the importance and use of the product.

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Price is affordable

By: on 22 December 2016

For simple power source needs this is suitable for us. Price is affordable.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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