Get 5% Off on Reversing Camera Monitor Kits Only at Elinz

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted:21 March 2019 

Installing a reversing camera monitor kit in your car is a wise thing to do. Indeed, your safety and security matter a lot. If you don’t have one yet, it’s never too late to install a set to guarantee you a worry-free road trip and even parking task. This is also the best time to purchase a kit and Elinz is the best store to get it from. This is indeed, is the perfect time because, from March 21 until March 23, (midnight) 2019, you can get one of the best-performing reversing camera monitor kits from Elinz at marked down price. During this period, pick your choice from the featured kits and get them at 5% off their regular price. Not only that! If you happen to choose a kit that is currently on sale, you still get the discount, on top of the existing sale price!


reversing camera monitor kit sale

Wonderful, isn’t it? Not all online stores can give you this rare chance of getting double discounts on a great range of selected items! All you have to do is type the discount code, reverse5@ and you automatically get your chosen item from the featured products on sale at its discounted price. Hurry! You can only avail of this exciting promo from March 21 until midnight of March 23, 2019!