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Secure Yourself with a Dash Camera for Safety

Your safety comes first in everything that you do. You need to be cautious and prepared to prevent or avoid any unfavourable circumstances whenever we go out with family and friends. At Elinz, you can buy the most reliable Dash Camera for your car online with quick and easy delivery options across Australia.

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These cameras are designed with ease of use in mind, and allow for users to simply plug them into a laptop or PC to view the footage that is captured. Loop recording negates the need for large storage, so the footage will continually overwrite itself when storage space runs out. The dash cam will lock the video footage in case of emergencies or accidents, allowing you to use the recorded footage for insurance claims, police reports or any other instance where video evidence is required.

  • Your Dashboard Camera is your perfect back-up for your security.
  • It gives you the most comfortable feeling when driving anytime of the day.
  • These dash cams are very affordable and easy to install which is the key to a safer travel.

Buy a Dash Cam Online And Start Seeing Clearly

Our range of dash cams for sale offer full high definition 1080p resolution and ultra-high definition 2160p resolution, meaning grainy footage will never have to be an issue again. These crisp visuals allow for things like car number plates and signboards to be easily spotted when footage is viewed at a later time, even on a large television. Anti-shake technology further allows for video footage to remain completely clear even over rough terrain.

Although highly useful during the day, it is the high-tech night vision that these cameras are equipped with that is a truly invaluable feature.

In addition to our night vision dashcams, Elinz also stock superior reversing cameras to ensure you can always get out of tight spots with ease. Some cameras in our range also offer dual reversing and front camera support in the one kit, meaning complete ease of use. Some of our dash cams are even equipped with WIFI and GPS features, which can log the location of the video footage and send it to your mobile phone via WIFI. Furthermore, with the parking mode feature of the dashcam, you can feel secure when your car is parked anywhere.

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If you have any queries related to our dashcams, make sure to contact the team of experts at Elinz today. We can easily clarify any questions you might have in order for you to choose the best dashcam for you. And, with our fast Australia wide delivery on all our dash cams for sale online, you’ll have the camera you want fast!

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