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Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 12 November 2018  

‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year! Indeed, as the song goes, we’re barely more than a month away from Christmas! Have you thought of what to give your loved ones come Christmas Day? If your answer is no, and you’re already so worried about not finding presents for people who mean so much to you, worry no more! At Elinz , you’ll find great gifts your receiver will surely love! For your tech savvy loved ones, here are 10 brilliant Christmas gift ideas that will perfectly match not just your need and preference, but your budget, too! 1. Powerbanks Elinz has an ar... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 14 November 2017  

It’s very common for cars to have stock car stereos that are often used only for music and radio purposes. However as we continue to gain new technology and often rely on our mobile phones, wouldn’t it be nice to have the same type of tech installed in your car? With this new android 6.0 in dash car DVD player , you will have the pleasure of having your very own unique car entertainment system . You will be able to easily watch movies and video clips on your car, have a GPS navigation system which will be very convenient for travelling to unfamiliar places. Having this in dash card DVD will be very convenient for you to have in terms of communication with its Bluetoot... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 19 January 2017  

Thanks to various advancements in car technology, today's car owners have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to vehicle entertainment systems. They don't have to limit themselves to their car's factory stereo if they want to keep themselves occupied and entertained when on the road. These days, you can find not just the ever reliable in dash car DVD player , but also other types of portable DVD entertainment systems depending on the type and size of vehicle you have. In Dash Car DVD Player and other Types of Car Entertainment Options Let's take a look at the type of DVD players you can install in your car. 1. In-dash DVD player... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 13 October 2016  

One of the best things about being a car owner these days is that you have a lot of choices when it comes to car entertainment systems. Car DVD players come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to fulfil your dream of being able to transform your car into your very own theatre on wheels. But perhaps one of the types of car entertainment systems that are gaining a lot of attention these days is the Android-enabled in dash car DVD player . If you're considering giving your old car stereo an upgrade, you might want to consider this nifty device. What You Should Know before You Buy Here are some of the coolest features of an Android car DVD player that you should know about. 1. You can use various Android ap... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 15 July 2016  

How would you like to use your favourite Android apps on your in dash car DVD player ? If you think that's not possible, think again. At Elinz, you can purchase a car DVD player that brings car entertainment to the next level. Introducing: DT36-RV3 and its digital TV-capable variant DT36-RV3-DVB. These devices are equipped with Android 4.4, allowing you to surf the Internet and use a wide range of mobile apps through your in dash car entertainment system. Enjoy Better Road Trips with This Awesome Car Entertainment System If you're looking to upgrade your factory or old car stereo player, then this new car DVD player makes an excellent option to consider. Let's see what it can do. 1. Supports Android apps This ... continue reading

Author: Jethro S.   Date Posted: 4 May 2015  

These days, it is quite common to see car DVD players on the dashboard or in the interior of motor vehicles. Because they make travelling more interesting, many car owners are keen on getting one of these entertainment devices for themselves. What’s more, DVD player installation is relatively easy and convenient and performing such a task on your own can help you save money. However, due to the limited experience of some car owners when it comes to setting up a car accessory, there might be some problems that could follow after installation. If you’re going to check out in car DVD player reviews , at times you’ll see some car owners complaining abou... continue reading

Author: Jeffrey R.   Date Posted: 6 February 2015  

Want to jazz up the interior of your vehicle? If you do, then you might want to check out the headrest 2X10.1" HD car monitor pillow HDMI DVD player . This newest offering from Elinz Electronics, called H101WPCL, is everything you want your car entertainment system to be. It is bigger, better, and bolder! It can definitely make travelling long distances a more fun and exciting experience. Key features and specifications The H101WPCL is chock-full of features that will definitely convince you to get rid of your old factory car stereo or upgrade your existing DVD player. Let's take... continue reading

Author: Jeffrey R.   Date Posted: 19 January 2015  

The Holden Colorado is perhaps one of the most popular 4WD touring vehicles in the country today. With its solid frame and its strong engine power, it isn't surprising why many 4WD enthusiasts prefer this vehicle. Meanwhile, one of the common modifications done by car owners to the Holden Colorado is replacing its factory stereo with an aftermarket car DVD player . With this entertainment device, not only can you listen to today's latest tunes with high quality sound, you can also enjoy your favourite files while travelling. Buying a DVD player for your Holden Colorado Today, there are a wide variety of options available when it comes to buying an entertainment system for the Holde... continue reading